He shouts, fights

And I too

He calms down fast

But I do not

As I’m not a child anymore

Teacher: What’s your hobby?

Child     : Studying (proudly)

Teacher: Ehh..my little baby, Are you so hungry for knowledge..

Child     : Hobby is a leisure time activity. So studying..;)

Are you a soft mom/dad..?


Are you soft son/daughter..?

Nowadays we often hear words like ‘ I didn’t have time’ or ‘I was running short of time’ or ‘sorry, I am a bit delayed’

Well, time management is not my todays’ concern.

But we are often forced to compromise certain things in life due to ‘this lack of time issue’. And the most easily compromised is ‘child-parent relationship’ in today’s stressed life.

Every parent can recall a time when their frustration level went through the roof, and their emotional reactions to their children were not adequate to the situation.

Parents won’t understand that their timelessness is changing their routine life or raising their temper even for small small things in the family. And kids are often their victims because they are the naughty boxes.

Kids are supposed to be naughty, that’s their birth right. So yelling may stop them for a moment from their naughtiness. But they too have an emotional heart and it needs to be realized how badly the little heart is affected..!!

The situation is under control how quickly the parent presses the pause button. There are two things to be taken care after pressing the button

  • Limit the impulsive outbursts as far as possible
  • Take a genuine effort to restore the condition after an outburst.

After all, every parent wants their kids to be grown up as emotionally healthy persons.

And the situation is just reversed when the kids are grownups and by that time the parents would have become grandparents…now it’s the kids turn to show their timelessness and rudeness upon their parents.. And the cycle just repeats.. Even if people have time, sometimes they just pretend to be busy to give a five minutes call to his/her mom/dad.. They just pretend to be unaware of the emotions of their “home-alone parents”

So where is the exit..?

Ask oneself

Are you a soft mom/dad..? or Are you soft son/daughter..?

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Four little cutie pies

The ultra-modern gen

Playing ping pong

With their own rules.

Laughing aloud on

Hitting the opponent.

One tot opining his mate

“Chance to win if play together”.

Ding..ding.. Someone is ringing the bell.. While opened the door, I found my neighbour little girl. The red apple cheeks reminded me of my childhood days, playing all around.  She was playing outside since it being a holiday. She wanted some water, that’s why called me.  I thought she will be going to play again after having water.

But to my surprise she just stood there after having water. So I couldn’t get back to my work. I just enquired on her schooling and all. And then she opened her chatter box.

She started to tell me about her school, teachers, classes, friends…she never had a full stop. She was talking non-stop, linking one thing to another even though I didn’t ask much.

I thought she will be demanding one more glass of water..;)

She was least bothered whether I was listening or not. (may be she felt that she was talking to someone of her same age ;).. )She was just releasing all her thoughts and continued with her story.

She had an art of letting go of her thoughts and words in the way she wanted. And I felt I had a lot to study from her. So I didn’t tell her to stop even though there were works awaiting my attention.

The little boy went for exploring

Mamma banned him out of worry

The kid was confident of winning

Mamma appreciating his passion

Assured to be with him in his exploits.