I may skip in between, but I won’t ever stop fully

Reveal your love with a hug now. It’s always better than two drops of tears at a later point in time. Wish you all a lovely new year.. With loads of love and virtual hugs..

Stop expecting from others. Just live in your priorities while being comfortable in your own skin.

When life is not fun anymore, it’s time to stop taking life too seriously, time to take everything as lightly as possible 

I hate disorderliness, I cannot bear inconsistencies But I love uncertainties, the thrill of uncertainties

Emotional detachment.. Can it free you or paralyse you further?

Don’t underrate my silence as I observe more than you realize.

Don’t disturb me, I am pampering my thoughts.

Love is like a hot drink, but tastier even while cold.

Never you are left alone. Always there is a workaround if something fails