If it’s familiar to you, you read it in the way you want

I am not working out to help myself slim down, but it makes who I am

If you are at the right place at the right time, everything will fall in its place automatically, including your failures.  And then don’t underrate the power of failures…

“Alone you can do anything, but You should not look for attention You should not long for care, and You should not ask for support.”

The pain was eating her from top to heels. But his waves of love were more than enough for her to ignore the pain.

Gather information and make sense of the world around you, even while responding automatically to the sensory information.

I am not your cup of tea. Please don’t get ridiculed yourself. You are making your level down, forgetting all your standards.  

Don’t expect me to smile always. I have my down moments too.

Anything could be compromised, but never your integrity

Some impulses drive me and make me do that even before I realize what I am gonna do