Waves of notion #110

By | January 16, 2019

‘Good or bad, Right or wrong, Important or Unimportant’

Stop all these discrimination. Just get involved how big or small it is and own your choice

The black hole of emptiness

By | January 12, 2019

Something was deeply torn inside her

By an intense feeling of emptiness

Eyes were brimming with tears

With the least sparks for life

Even so she bottled up emotions

While falling into a dark black hole

Where time has got frozen forever,

And emptiness has taken over.


She reached at the core in a little while

And soon the tears came flowing

Before she could stop them

Forming an unending streamlet,

Completely Liberating her from

This soul wrenching emptiness

And finally finding a way in

To the ultimate serenity.


But why did you let in the silence to break my heart?

By | January 4, 2019

I love you with all my heart and

I am dying to express my love liberally

As I fear it may be too much for you

Let it be hidden in my crushed heart

And I am not letting it flow naturally

It’s not that I don’t want you, but I don’t

Want you to make me unwanted further

As you already let in the silence to break my heart

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Life is overwhelming me

By | January 3, 2019

Life is overwhelming me

By a sense of not belonging.

I feel cut off from my craving

Thru an icy blow of detachment

I am burning out bit by bit while

Being away from my craving as

That craving was a mindful choice

Which became an obsession naively


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What’s up?

By | January 2, 2019

Sometimes I get stuck seeing a “what’s up” message in the middle of a chat..the talk would be going on well and then receives this ” what’s up then”. I donno what to respond at that moment. I hate formalities between friends. So I think twice what to respond for a “what’s up” message in the middle of a chat. Sometimes I am forced to quit the conversation if I can’t just open my heart all of a sudden or even can’t lie to the other person. Have you ever experienced this? Maybe I am reading between the lines and finding some sort of formalities in the conservation which drives me to step away. My instincts never fooled me while absorbing the tone of the verbal chats.

It doesn’t mean that I hate what’s up or how are you messages. Only that I could feel if it’s just a formal message or not. I could feel if it’s a lie or if someone is faking themselves.

And having said all these, I feel much connected on receiving a “what’s up” or “how are you Akhila? ” message even if it’s a one liner. The thought that they remembered me is good enough to satisfy my ego. Even if it’s just a one liner I am touched sincerely.

So here’s a message from the bottom of my heart for everyone who reads this “Are you happy now? Have you recognized who you are actually, not who you wish to be? “

Waves of notion #109

By | January 1, 2019

Decide upon first, forget the bottlenecks during decision making. Once decided, solutions will fall in the track.

If you treat hurdles first and goals second, you will never reach your target. Focus on the target, not the hurdles as you can Overcome the hurdles, you are strong enough.

Self compassion

By | December 29, 2018

It was a miss of communication from the other side. And it was good enough to induce my negative hormones for a few seconds as the miss made me lonely. So kept myself distracted for sometime to make the self calm and then looked back. Then the self told me , “Someone forgot to update you. They didnt do what they have to and you are worrying on that.
For some other’s fault why should you be depressed? Moreover whats fault, what’s not fault..the answer lies in one’s expectations and emotional bonds. So lesser the expectations and lesser the attachments, happier the life appears.”

Waves of notion #108

By | December 26, 2018

Wanting to be nice to everyone, worried of upsetting others but finally getting self pressurised..

Waves of Notion #107

By | December 21, 2018

Abiding by certain self imposed rules and disciplines is a must if you wanna age gracefully. And have a little room for flexibility too whenever life demands.

 “I just don’t have enough time” – A big white lie

By | December 19, 2018

“Won’t you be bored, sitting alone at home?”.

I have a smile for you if you raise this question as the busy-bee in me never has a state of boredom.

Not boasting, but I feel more productive when I am busy. But it doesn’t mean that I never get overwhelmed. Of course I do when I lose that balance while craving for “a micro meter perfection” or stressing too much.

And yes I am trying to convince myself ‘being the best of me’ is the best rather than ‘being a perfectionist’

Actually hobbies are not a leisure time activity as per my dictionary. It’s something which one must do to ignite the soul. So I get myself engaged in some researches, studying, writing, reading, and of course gardening too.  Then there is Sudoku helping me to increase my sense of time. And yes, occasionally my guitar also suffers from the attack of ten unmanageable fingers.

So something which I would love to share with you is

“You can have enough space and time in your day, if you have a genuine will. It’s a big fat lie if you tell, “I just don’t have enough time”. [So what’s your state on time? – Finding time to do things or doing things to kill time?]

It’s all a matter of comfort and prioritization for a healthy mind and body. Telling, ‘I don’t have time’ is in a way equivalent to telling, ‘It’s not important enough’.  I bet, you will be surprised if you start tracking your time for the next few days and understand your misplaced priorities. Suddenly, the wild productivity appears. Ah!..

Also have a little ‘me-time’ even while investing all of your energy on life priorities. Don’t be guilty of the time spend in solitude. It’s always worth as it can cherish your inner soul and thereby spreading the warmth of energy all around you. [Read more to Break the routine]

And finally, getting enough sleep is one of my top priorities. I don’t mind cutting it short for any special causes when I have to. But normally I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

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