A woman and her parents were there in the shop when I entered. Only one sales girl was there in the shop [obviously not a big shop]. So the girl asked me if I could wait till she completes with the other three [Thank God that she didn’t ignore to greet me!]. I agreed as they were almost done with the shopping. After a few minutes they left and the sales girl helped me to pick my items.

In the meantime another man entered the shop [who appeared to be a North Indian]. Again the sales girl asked me if I could wait for a few more minutes as the man enquired about just one thing. I didn’t deny as I thought it won’t take much time for him [though I felt it to be a little unfair as just billing and payment only was left for me].

Then the owner of the shop appeared. He started billing for me. In between there happened some confusion with the other man and the sales girl. He said like he asked for four meters of the same thing [I too felt so] and she said like he asked only three meters.  Then she said like “Sir, you asked for three meters only. That’s why I cut three meters. Still its okay, I can take another meter for you”

Actually, she didn’t own her mistake, more to that she was trying to convert it as a favor being offered for him. Even though it was her mistake, she was just transferring it upon his shoulders. This is not a single incident. These kinds of behaviors are nowadays so common in shops [not only in shops alone, but everywhere around us]. They just hide their mistakes and exchange it as a favor being offered.

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Fed up of trying lot many footwear to leave a mark..

; )


Hmm , I understand it’s not the footwear, but one’s  attitude helps to leave  mark.

What should I follow..? footsteps of some role models..? If I do that I am going to be a copycat, right..? So why are people always trying to compare oneself with some other role model..?.  Are these models perfect..?

If I need to be unique, I need to walk away from those footsteps and create my own.

Never follow the footsteps of others, but simply follow one’s own passion…