Nowadays we spent enormous money in interior home designing forgetting about space constraints inside rooms. Usually we design our home as per our wish and money, ignoring an important aspect ‘whether the home really needs us’.

If the home is fully crowded with all sort of furniture, machines etc., what is our need there..?

home 1

Just ask a few questions yourself.

  • Can you touch the walls and feel its murmurs? If the wall is fully packed with cupboards, photo frames, etc. definitely you can’t even see the wall.
  • Do you have a place to sit on the floor with your kids and family? Or is it fully furnished..?
  • Can you stand and watch out through your balcony or is it covered..?

If all the answers are “no , easy to conclude that your home doesn’t look for you. If a few aspects are taken care during interior designing, we can make our home lively and beautiful.

  • First and the most important thing is to have maximum ventilation.
  • Then fill furniture which are essential only, leaving enough empty areas.
  • Ensure to have enough storage places to account the smallest thing so that things won’t be spread here and there.

We can design our home in any way, but it is important to ensure that the heart of home is not broken with our designs

The gentle breeze giggled me as if I was in his arms

Two little silver liquid drops caressed my face

Enjoying the naughty wind teasing my curls

He loomed with two cups of coffee in his hands

Placing it on the balcony desk, hugged me from back

Closed my eyes, leaning upon his heart as always

Is this not the perfect date – two cups of coffee,

You and me, our balcony, the sneak hug and the rain?

I couldn’t resist bringing in this sweet definition here, from the magic of a special tea .

Such an expressive meaning, clinging to the real life. Kudos Josh…