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When crying “It’s not fair”, don’t break the fair play policies  yourselves on the other end.

Emotional Edges

Frantic buzzing echoing in ears Tempting to ignore the rhythm of routine Waves of worries dancing around Drawing to fall in the pool of uncertainties The stubborn heart trying hard To stop the nerves from breaking n bleeding Lips weaving a forged smile To bring her back from the emotional edges.

Break the shell

I am bound to my realm, where I am content With all the humanly pleasures around my shell. But I can never be a frog in the well, and hence Got the bell to break the shell of my comfort zone.

Just a Question..

A question to all working home makers… ” If you get a chance to take a break from your household work or office work, definitely not both together.. which will you prefer..? ” Be genuine to your mind.. The post will be continued..