“What do you want to be, a doctor, engineer or a teacher like me? “

Mahitha answered “I want to be happy”

This is short dialogue from the malayalam movie “Vismayam”

To be happy” – That’s what we all want from the bottom of our heart. But is that really appreciated or taken care while ensuring to outdo always?

I am happy to be called as a busybee and yes, I am. But thinking aloud “Is that what I really wanted?”

Maybe Yes.

But won’t I miss the fun of idle moments..? So recently I started to feed this into my brain,

“Do everything that makes you happy as long as it’s not a severe damage for some other.

And have time “to do nothing” and enjoy the fun of idleness.”

Are you a soft mom/dad..?


Are you soft son/daughter..?

Nowadays we often hear words like ‘ I didn’t have time’ or ‘I was running short of time’ or ‘sorry, I am a bit delayed’

Well, time management is not my todays’ concern.

But we are often forced to compromise certain things in life due to ‘this lack of time issue’. And the most easily compromised is ‘child-parent relationship’ in today’s stressed life.

Every parent can recall a time when their frustration level went through the roof, and their emotional reactions to their children were not adequate to the situation.

Parents won’t understand that their timelessness is changing their routine life or raising their temper even for small small things in the family. And kids are often their victims because they are the naughty boxes.

Kids are supposed to be naughty, that’s their birth right. So yelling may stop them for a moment from their naughtiness. But they too have an emotional heart and it needs to be realized how badly the little heart is affected..!!

The situation is under control how quickly the parent presses the pause button. There are two things to be taken care after pressing the button

  • Limit the impulsive outbursts as far as possible
  • Take a genuine effort to restore the condition after an outburst.

After all, every parent wants their kids to be grown up as emotionally healthy persons.

And the situation is just reversed when the kids are grownups and by that time the parents would have become grandparents…now it’s the kids turn to show their timelessness and rudeness upon their parents.. And the cycle just repeats.. Even if people have time, sometimes they just pretend to be busy to give a five minutes call to his/her mom/dad.. They just pretend to be unaware of the emotions of their “home-alone parents”

So where is the exit..?

Ask oneself

Are you a soft mom/dad..? or Are you soft son/daughter..?

Simply floating through the day makes me less creative and less productive…In fact it is dangerous for me…(luckily not often!! )

What do you mean by busy.. Always running here and there, continuously answering to phone calls, not taking lunch..?

  • I guess this is all because of your adrenaline effect ;). Or
  • Just to hide your laziness or fear of failure

clockBusyness is not a tool to hide your laziness or fear of failure. For me it makes me more productive.  And most importantly, my definition of busyness may be totally different from yours ;).

Socrates: “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”  I do respect his words. But if you have enough headspace to manage your busyness, nothing can damage your brain. You have to be fully aware of the bottleneck in your brain. That’s it.  🙂

It is always heard that “Slow and steady wins the race”. I’m not going to question it. But I believe “Fast and steady wins the race”

There are many aspects which govern and control the fastness. As per my views, first and foremost thing is planning. If my day is planned, I could clearly feel that difference in my productivity. If each moment is planned (definitely not a static plan, but a dynamic one) and if we have a target time, the work is going to be completed quickly.

I would like to be busy always, making every second in my day engaged. And I really enjoy the life when it is fully busy. In fact I feel tired when there is nothing to be done. I can assure you that you will never feel bored if you allow yourself to plan your day. If the control is lost, you are lost and bored at times..

Still there may be occasions making us bored, then better go to your bed and have a sleep 😉

And the second important thing is parallel processing.  For me parallel processing is not doing many tasks at a time. As far as we have two hands only, multi-tasking is not easily possible (I won’t say it as impossible, as there may be super humans). And I’m quite sure interruptions in the form of multi-tasking makes us distracted only.

Suppose there are two urgent mails to be replied. Our normal tendency is to just start writing the letter taking one by one. And in the middle way only, it will be realized that there is missing information and the person who knows about it, is out of reachable now.  So either we fail in the task or happens a lot of que time.

So think parallel. Will there be que time..? How can I avoid the que time..? First of all just analyze both cases and ensure whether you have all the information to be drafted in the mails. If not, find and clear out the dependency factors immediately. Then go ahead…you are busy now, no que time..  🙂