Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. ― Albert Einstein

Hmm.. Was this statement made by Einstein…from physics to psychology? well, I am not quite sure.

Anyway you have something to say on this quote, no ; )

Change the changeable whenever possible and relish the freshness

I have something more to say only if you disagree with me.

Whenever there is a deal, the multi-dimensional perspectives are lost.

So then, I prefer to argue for the opposite and appreciate the new assessments.

In this virtual world people come, leave, reappear after a gap. It has become very common here and there are people who creates a lasting effect through their social approach. This guy is one among them. Have a great time Prashanth

He nominated me for a quote challenge.


  1. Post for 3 consecutive days
  2. Select and share 1-3 quotes per day
  3. Challenge 3 bloggers each day


Analyse the impacted zoneswhenever there is a change in configuration or change in routine … 

( with all due respect to yesterday’s hartal;)..)

The nominees are



Masoom Jethwa

I love to hear the murmur of doves. I am happy when there is a new flower in my garden. I feel proud when I learn a new ‘word’. I feel energetic when the little kid at the bus stop smiled at me..

The list of my little little pleasures just goes on.

Little little things matters a lot..

Now sharing my little, but a big pleasure while I found this new theme for my blog..

Planning every now and then, and when into execution,

Plan changed..Re-planned..execution started..

Plan changed..Re-planned..execution started..


Finally stopped planning anymore.