She lives every moment in his breath, cuddled by his love

She is all alone if detached from the warmth of his arms

Never had she thought to win over her emotions for him as

Liberty from his armor of love could outbreak her too badly

But on a day she wore a dispassionate mask so deliberately

That her heart was reflecting the evidence of her adaptability

Still once in a while she loses her grasp over her mind

And her soul whispers “I am not ignoring you, never can I.

But the more I am unseen by you, the more I get used to that”

It’s just a play of a burning heart in the hunt for a balance.

Language of mind is not unknown. Knew that words should not be taken at it’s true sense when anger is at someone’s nose tip.  Still those fiery words can pierce deep in heart, make your eyes raining,  freeze your mind, depart you from love as well as hatred and finally make you emotionless.

Can you accept that baseline neutrality ?

Translated version of രാഗതടാകങ്ങള്‍ 😇