Curtain rose. People appeared on stage. There were paints and powders on their faces. All were happily singing and dancing all around. Oh the show didn’t end there too; the masked people were trying to make others happy too. What a fantastic world, hmmm.

I too believed in their show offs until I found some more faces in the stage whose eyes reflecting something deep, some sort of distress. Nothing was spoken by them. But those eyes were trying to convey something on this drama. “What can be done when people try to please each other at the cost of a third person’s comfort?”

Even sometimes my devilish mind imagines all these ‘pleasing games’ to be some dramas or show offs by those people. Can they continue with these manipulations throughout their life just to please some other selflessly? And more over to that while making someone happy they hurt some other souls knowingly or unknowingly. These actors are never bothered on the souls who are hurt by the mutually pleasing games.

Making others happy is indeed a great thing. But it should neither be at the cost of one’s own total comfort nor a third person’s.

Ma’am, the token of respect makes me uncomfortable.

I don’t like to be called Ma’am or Madam. Well, except in some hotels or offices or with strangers, we might have to use and hear that. I know it’s just a polite term and nothing to do with one’s status or age. It never makes me feel old, but it makes me odd with some sort of discomfort on hearing certain people calling me Ma’am

In my apartment, the cleaning staffs used to call me Ma’am. They were of my mother’s age and so it was a kind of uneasiness for me. Still I couldn’t ask them to change it.

Yesterday morning during some causal talks, one of those cleaning staffs addressed me ‘mole’ [daughter] and I was so pleased to hear that. Now I know what was causing me distress on hearing her calling me Ma’am. Hope she won’t call me Ma’am anymore.