Certain bonds are unaffected if never met or contacted for long.

And still then you are free to knock at their door all of a sudden on a day.

Such friendships are really precious where in you can be with them forgetting your whole ego.

No worries of being discovered as you are exposed to them fully.

No qualms of any greedy eyes as you live in their heart only.

My old friend dropped in for a visit

Whom I treated memorably though

I love and hate her at the same time

Love her for making me matured, but

Hate her for making me miserable

Only she could see the crying lips

Hidden behind an exquisite smile

She, “the down mood” reminds me

That life is not always fun n cool.


It was challenging for me to say a no,

As it was tough for me to upset you.

Hence I was behind a yes even though,

I lacked my space and ease with a yes.


I know, they are only my real friends,

Who make me guilt free to say a no.

Who make me feel at ease to say a no.

Who respect my freedom of expression.

We were in the same college. But in different classrooms, different hostel rooms.. Different gal gangs (as someone mentioned on gangs, Once in a while Insanity). And in my views she was a soft hearted, sensitive girl…

Then, reading the unspoken words we came to know each other. And I don’t remember when we actually started to discuss about everything under the sun…

I don’t know how time flew by so fast. The nostalgic four years entered into my memory box.

Whose jealousy made us apart? ..distance away.. Why should I blame on someone else..? It’s my fault that I didn’t much check on her after entering into this busy world.. But one thing is quite sure that she is too close to my heart to be away from me. Things changed as we grow older. But years or distance has got nothing to alter the true bond we share. 

And that’s why I could meet her again at least virtually … especially when she had been consciously keeping herself away from all those social medias and our gal gangs due to some xxx reasons..

My message travelled a lot and reached her finally, saying in her words.

If there is a will there is a way.