I donno why most of the time, people super glues their lips together as if opening their mouth to enquire something is injurious to health and arrive at their own conclusions and cast aspersions on others. And neither will they alter their viewpoints nor try to understand the realities. Mostly it all results from some senseless miscalculations.

Why can’t they just ask instead of simply deducting their own inferences?

Never can they read the language of the painful heart attacked by their poisonous smears.

How long to wait for the dust of misunderstandings to settle down? Worrying is normal as it’s encoded in our DNA and we all do the same at some points in life.

But its better if we can set aside a scheduled worry period in a day and push all the worries interrupting your path to the planned time. I am not joking, it really works out actually. That’s in a way we are controlling the worries by postponing it and as time is the best healer, the intensity of the worries would definitely be reduced when we take it at a later time.

Yesterday while reading a book by Madhavikkutti, I came across this “Nothing is perpetual, neither the grief nor the loneliness. So why should I worry on these transient things?”

She is right, it’s always better not to wait for the dust of misunderstandings to settle down. Let it on its own when it wants as nothing can last forever.

Stop holding on as everything is transient.  When the venomous spear of worries attempts to break you down, just ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen? 

I know there are times where in letting go of is never easy. But everything happens for a reason…

Do you worry too much about what others think of you ?  Do you always try to become that likable type or wish at least not to become the hateable ones?

Obviously it is very human nature. Exceptions are there, like the don’t care types. But everyone cannot be that don’t care types. They are hurt and bothered with the “am I misunderstood? ” syndrome.

So do you have this syndrome, how do you try to escape from that?

Anyway, one’s integrity cannot be compromised while trying to be the likable types as mentioned in waves of notion


He never cared what is happening around him. Never he looked over shoulders. Never he was seen indulged in loose talks. What to say more, rarely he smiled too….he was not even found showing any gesture of social interactions.

“What a life less soul , he is”, his colleagues pitied him.

“Seems one of his screws is loosely connected”, people sympathized. “How can he be a human without any blah blah chats in life”

But he was least bothered on all such sympathies and gossips

He thought, “Silly people, what do they know about me? Simply wasting their life in all those gossips. When will they understand the worth of what they are losing? Just living if the wind is favourable in their path, spending time peeping over the window of their neighbors. Never you people will understand what I am thinking. So start living, stop cursing me and laughing at me”

After thought: Sometimes  we feel pity for othes thinking about their poor life conditions or unhappiness in life or anything like that. But actually we are fooled in a way. Those people understand everything including our thoughts. And in fact they are feeling pity for us..how ironic!

I assumed the world to be what I read through newspapers. I felt much familiar to the world I live. I was pleased with all the humanly pleasures around my realm. I know there are pains, suffering, depressions, and all such anguishes in this world. Still I thought it to be a happy world, keeping the reality apart.

Miles to go before I sleep.. (As in Robert Frost’s language)