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Raise the curtain of your life and always be present on the stage facing the claps and stones.  

Mystical note

Whenever the rhythm Of my life is mystified, I hear a mystical note Driving me to accept The beats of my soul And I get synced again


When life is not fun anymore, it’s time to stop taking life too seriously, time to take everything as lightly as possible 


The 3 most beautiful things in your life are………. (Yesterday my friend asked me , “the most beautiful thing in the world is……” . I didn’t have an apt answer at that point. But when I just changed it a little, yes it became a little more meaningful for me. So what would be your… Read More »

Answer lies in your interpretations

Why do I work hard to achieve more? Why can’t I be content with what I have? Why my planner is always packed? Why can’t I simply sit and take rest? Why do I need to think about the meaning of life? Why can’t I forget all such madness? I know we all live and die.. but… Read More »

Lifeless soul, how sad!

He never cared what is happening around him. Never he looked over shoulders. Never he was seen indulged in loose talks. What to say more, rarely he smiled too….he was not even found showing any gesture of social interactions. “What a life less soul , he is”, his colleagues pitied him. “Seems one of his… Read More »

Notion of the day

No one can squeeze my enthusiasm out of my life as long I am only responsible.

Why did it bloom, if it’s going to wither?

There is a new flower in my garden. It is soothing to watch it blooming. But it will wither and go back to soil by evening or so.. Then why did it bloom initially..?

He loves me, he loves me not  – The thrill of uncertainties

Certain or uncertain..? Uncertainties are always accompanied with so many ups and downs.  And no one will love to have a life full of uncertainties. But if everything are certain, what thrill can appear in life? If life is going on just as expected, won’t it be too boring? So there is something stimulating us… Read More »

I am from Mars, where are you from?

Origin of life.. It’s always an interesting, but confusing thought. There are many theories on the origin of life. It is heard that Aristotle was the first to attempt to define life. And many more theories evolved later, but always ended up with some loopholes. The more we pin down to know the same, the… Read More »