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During those standstill moments I felt as if earth had stopped spinning

Words whipping up whimsical waves of notion

I never know what I am gonna write next The words delineates my impulsive notion I believe in those conspiracies of the world Making me to discern the quantum code of my soul So here I am, flying across the space between words And whipping up whimsical waves of notion for you

We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost

“I was the topper in LKG, oh yes, in UKG too…But now I am not the topper, in my second standard.” Don’t think it to be some disappointed words… instead, it’s the attempt of a kid to project himself in front of his friends. But more to that I found some similarities with the words… Read More »


A wrapped present Can always cheer you up. But the notion of getting it for you is the real present.

Monday Notion

I don’t second guess myself, but do third guess or even fourth guess 😉

Monday Notion

You may leave if you want to, but I wont let you go

Notion of the day

Some qualities are always there in us, but sometimes we need someone to bring them out

Notion of the day

Have some consistencies even while lying so that you won’t be caught easily 😉

Notion of the day

No point in making endless excuses if you cannot make it happen actually.

Notion of the day

Striving for perfectionism is not at all a bad thing as it keeps you improving always