Don’t be angry at your kids even when they push the anger button because they are teaching you how to be patient

Don’t try to make everything smoother for a finishing beauty. Smooth concrete surfaces without a broom touch would be slippery on a rainy day.


I am not working out to help myself slim down, but it makes who I am

Some qualities are always there in us, but sometimes we need someone to bring them out

I know my version of ‘natural’ won’t be matching with your version of ‘natural’. So let us be natural in our own ways.

You can’t convince everyone. But if you have that spark, there will be atleast one to believe you.

If you decided to end up everything, then go ahead without a double mind.

So today it’s the second day of this quote challenge

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Have love fights very often with the one you love the most

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Shalini Sharrma


Hit hard on the first attempt itself so that your opponent wont be arisen as a phoenix bird.





(I know, I will be crucified if I don’t add the context along with this quotes..yes, on a wrestling ring..Did you think something else..? )

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Mahesh Mali


Here comes my todays Quote.. and I am linking it to one of my earlier posts.

When will you protest?