I felt a cold breeze approaching me. It covered me. Took me to the heaven of memories. There I saw my grandma (passed away 3 years back ) cheerfully sitting.

Hmm.. my super natural experiences,  limited here..all my imaginations.

I wish if I could experience it really. It will be there, isn’t it?

What will happen to our mind after death? Isn’t that mind/soul wandering everywhere disobeying Einstein’s Space-Time relativity theory?

I am a bit scared now, if any ghosts watch me writing this, what will I do if it comes up really…Goosebumps..

One day it will happen. Not sure if I could survive it or not. ; )

I am waiting for that moment.

Can you share your frozen moments with super natural or ghosts?

Her soul wandered everywhere

In this world in search of something

Nowhere could it be found.

Then a voice echoed in the air

Which only she could hear

‘Live as you hear from your mind’.

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