Raise the curtain of your life and always be present on the stage facing the claps and stones.


If there is preset fate for me, why should I live? I wanna create my destiny as I am not accepting any fates

Don’t try to make everything smoother for a finishing beauty. Smooth concrete surfaces without a broom touch would be slippery on a rainy day.


I may skip in between, but I won’t ever stop fully

Never you are left alone. Always there is a workaround if something fails

Win over time-bounded tasks before they consume you

Your are the best spouse if you could clear out the slightest pessimism of your partner

During those standstill moments I felt as if earth had stopped spinning

I am not working out to help myself slim down, but it makes who I am

When crying “It’s not fair”, don’t break the fair play policies  yourselves on the other end.