Don’t try to make everything smoother for a finishing beauty. Smooth concrete surfaces without a broom touch would be slippery on a rainy day.


I may skip in between, but I won’t ever stop fully

Never you are left alone. Always there is a workaround if something fails

Win over time-bounded tasks before they consume you

Your are the best spouse if you could clear out the slightest pessimism of your partner

During those standstill moments I felt as if earth had stopped spinning

I am not working out to help myself slim down, but it makes who I am

When crying “It’s not fair”, don’t break the fair play policies  yourselves on the other end.

If you are at the right place at the right time, everything will fall in its place automatically, including your failures.  And then don’t underrate the power of failures

How a stubborn mind can continue with the unsaid words of its tender heart for long?