Failing to formulate the thoughts into speech even while being a good listener?

By | April 24, 2019

The busy mind keeps on talking to me silently. And when there is a time to speak, to add a flavour of spoken words to the emotions, the otherwise busy mind just shuts down automatically and thus pushing me to a hell of silence. Have you experienced this awkwardness? If yes, “You are not the only one” who have failed to explain yourself properly with spoken words.

You are neither an introvert nor a less confident person (so as me), still failing to formulate the thoughts into words during a conversation. You would be good listener or a good reader, still sometimes mess up with words and ends on the contraries which even you might haven’t imagined.

I am experimenting on how to escape from this.

Talking out loudly to oneself

Constantly practice to talk out loudly to yourself, an extension of your silent inner talk. (Better if no one is around while you practice or else might results in some more awkward situations.) In fact I was doing this “talking to oneself” even before I realized that I was treating myself. Just that, I wanted someone to listen to me and so I talked out loud and myself was placed at the other side for listening. (Don’t go wrong, I don’t have any mental disorders 😉 ) So now looking back, obviously I know how well it helped me. 

So whenever I am alone, I do this “Talking out loudly to oneself” therapy. Don’t be worried of mental disorders as you are consciously doing this. Infact it’s a sign of your intelligence actually. Ah!

Record self- talking and evaluate objectively

Recently I took one more step to advance on better formation of thoughts to speech. Nothing, but recording this “Talking to oneself”. Then I listen it later and evaluate objectively. It gives me a different perspective which never I have noticed under my ear.

Speak slowly

“Akhila, please slow down a bit, would be better if you could reduce your pace.” This was something echoing in my ears always in the past as posted in My speech lessons. Well, I am born without a speed breaker in my tongue. It took a long time for me to realize it first of all. So atleast now I am aware of it and trying to reduce the pace consciously.

Recently the little one recorded something from behind and showed me later. Just some homely conversations between us. I felt like as if I was shouting at him though literally I was not. I need to improve on my tone; I need to have some pauses or some speed breakers in the talks. Well, I have to.

Writing, Reading and Listening

I used to write my emotions to formulate my thoughts. It was for sure helping in my writing and up to certain extent in my conversations too. But sometimes when I read some other books or quotes I feel how precisely they have depicted my state of mind.

I feel like to enhance your speech and turn your thoughts to words; you need to practice speaking itself. Just practice, practice and practice talking out loudly to yourself. In parallel write and read to nourish your curiosity, listen to people you admire and take notes.

We cannt please everyone, (tap to read more about the Side effects of disease to please) but let us please ourselves atleast by expressing the thoughts properly.

Between mind-reading machines are ready now to turn the thoughts in to spoken words. Soon it might be a part of implant too (well, I haven’t heard if it is already) offering hope to patients who are paralyzed or unable to speak. Read Columbia Engineers Translate Brain Signals Directly into Speech

My articles are being stolen – Copyright infringements

By | April 18, 2019

A really great effort goes in while placing thoughts together to write an article. After many researches and multiple iterations, the article gets published.  And then while internet surfing or so, happens to see a familiar article. “Wow! Someone thinks like me”, at first I was really excited to connect with a similar thinking mind when this happened to me. But soon I realized that it was a clear case of copyright infringement. My articles are being stolen and posted by someone as their own.

Someone simply steals your contents and without your permission posts it on their site as their own. No attributions are given to the original owner of the article too.

How would you feel if this happens to you?

When I saw this, I really got frustrated as my contents were posted in the other site without giving any credits or attribution to wordsandnotion. The author doodles and plays with my words, sometimes with minor alterations and some other times without even a title change at all.

It was the title which came to my notice first, the same title which I used in my post. Initially I had an Áha’ moment feeling a connection with the author. Then I just scanned though the contents and was shocked to see the plagiarism. It was not just limited to one article; there were many of my stolen posts published.  

Well, it would be a good practice to do random searches with some extracts from your posts and check for plagiarism.  There are tools or websites for this checking. Also this wordpress support page takes you through certain steps to prevent content theft. Moreover there are copyright acts to deal with such infringements (DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act))



Negativity- Overcome the bias and stop spreading

By | April 10, 2019

Negativity sells everywhere.

Do you know how cleverly the negativity creeps into your thoughts even while idealistic thoughts were ruling your brain? You won’t even realize that you are being negative and spreading such negative thoughts. At the epitome of emotions, the negative words out of your mouth have the potential to reach many ears and get sold everywhere.

People normally have a tendency to focus on the negative conclusion, a kind of exaggeration of negative extremities. In fact they wont be even knowing the full facts before judging or arriving at some conclusions, still goes with the negative percent. There maybe a 10% chance for your fear, still forgetting the 90% of wellbeing, anxiety develops and ruins the relationships.

Our knowledge is biased with so many facts including the media, academics, neighborhood, etc. etc. And on top of that when the flavor of self-driven intuitions also gets spiced up, things totally get upside down and we get more inclined towards negativities or exaggerations.

The dangerous side of negativism develops with the “spreading”. You maybe highly intellectual, but when driven by emotions, your mind has a bias towards negativities. Forgetting how close the person maybe to you, forgetting every good moments with them, at the time of an adverse occurring, you lose your emotional intelligence. You start talking against them, whether provoked or not. There maybe many people hearing you. And you forget that people hearing you also have an inherent bias to promote and spread negativeness.

We are so used to this bias that we are often ignorant of it. We think that we are just sharing some facts or telling the realities.

Negativities damage the relationships. You may get resolved with the person with whom you had the issue, but the spread negativities are already sold into world around (spread from one person to another and so). It will remain there unresolved forever waiting for an entry to come back to you. We are all human, so next time when another incident occurs with the same friend or your loved ones, the former negative bias in your environment gets added to the current event. You start experiencing the most exaggerated negativism. When the words go unchallenged for a longer period of time, gradually it appears to be “the truth” for some people. Things get worse further and further when the cycle repeats.

You start to lose your own energy. You spoil the image of your loved ones. And ultimately negative bias has an adverse add on effect.

Once negativities are spread, the cost of recovering it back to normal is too expensive. If you cannt control your emotions and want to talk to someone to release your hormones, ensure that the person at the other side

  • Never gets biased and
  • Never spread the negativities further.

We were so far discussing on preventing ourselves from spreading negativities to the world around. What about being exposed to negativities? Is that possible to shut the ears to negative talks always? For sure, we can’t prevent ourselves completely from being exposed to negativities. Just let us make not so badly affected or biased with that.

“Negativity spreads like wildfire”, we might have all heard this. In this beautiful story it is well narrated. Just taking it’s extract from Kamal’s blog.

” Once upon a time, an old man spread rumors that his neighbor was a thief. As a result, the young man was arrested and put behind bars for no fault of his own. After a long time, the poor man was proven innocent. After being released, he sued the old man for wrongly accusing him.  In the court, the old man told the judge very casually as if nothing untoward had happened, ‘They were just random comments, they did not harm anyone.’

The judge, before passing sentence on the case, told the old man, ‘write all the bad things you said about him on a piece of paper. Cut it up into little pieces and on the way home, throw the pieces of paper out of your car window. Tomorrow, you come back to hear the sentence.’  The next day, the judge told the old man, ‘Before receiving the sentence, I want you to go out and gather up all the pieces of paper that you threw out of your car window yesterday.’

The old man said, ‘I cannot do that. The wind spread them all over the place and I will not know where to find them.’ Then the judge replied, ‘The same way, simple words and comments said in fun, may destroy the honor of a person to such an extent that a person will not be able to fix it. For the rest of his life he will be suffering for your actions. If you cannot speak well of someone, do not say anything at all. Do not slander him unnecessary. Let’s all be masters of our emotions, so that we will not be slaves of our words.’


Yes, to calculated Risks

By | April 2, 2019

Do you take risks..?

You are of which type .. “Take a risk” or “play it safe”?

We are made to believe that taking risks is a negative thing. They say, “Why should you take unnecessary risks and spoil your future?”. When such conditioning washes our brain, self-doubting starts like “Should I leave that now..? Will it be a flop if I do it again as it was not proper last time..?”

Infact most of the time, the risks which we perceive wont be as risky as it appears since human mind normally have a tendency to exaggerate adverse conditions.

These social conditioning followed with insufficient information or not-updated information and self-driven intuitions act as inertia on our mind and pulls us back to the comfort zone.

In addition we always have an inherent bias towards the comfort zone which keeps us glued to the current state and reluctant to changes.  Obviously, it could be a reason for postulating risk as a negative thing as risks bring in changes.

We cannot stay in mother’s womb forever even though it’s the most comfort zone. We have to come out and explore the world. There would be challenges outside the comfort zone. If you just wish to be idle and comfortable wherever you are, please keep a board outside stating  “ I am obeying Newton’s first law so please don’t try to change my position with any external forces”

If you want to enjoy the colors of life, take “calculated risks”.

I said calculated risks, as progressivism or adventures should not be a dangerous weapon.

They say, “Just do what you are most passionate about”. But add a little planned forethought too before diving in. Don’t just jump right into that making it dangerous for your safety and wellbeing.

So first of all think over it, if it’s a good risk or a stupid one.

If you are ready to take a risk ask yourself, “What’s the margin of error, and how much error or loss can I withstand?”

Then do a lot of research followed with a safety assessment. Evaluate the pros and cons of risk taking – How much will I gain versus How much can I bear to lose.  

Sometimes fear causes you to overestimate the risks and makes you “play it safe” types. Likewise lack of fear makes you underestimate it and jump right into that risking your life. Let there be a balance between adventures and cautions. Let one of the two “conservatism and progressivism” win at a time based on your instincts.

Opportunities won’t knock at your door multiple times. If some thoughts are put in before jumping into a situation, (“the risk” in others language) the risk would be under control and opportunity in your hands.

If you are a person with a flood of ideas, you may want to avoid certain “good opportunities” for some other “best opportunities”. In that case avoiding an opportunity itself is a risk you are taking based on some calculations.

Acquire this skill to say “Yes to calculated risks”. It’s simple to say, but with practice only you will be set for the same. Be ready to ‘accept changes’ with calculated risks. Ignore the naysayers as changing is a part of growing up as I mentioned in my post How to deal with “You’ve changed a lot”

 Live in the moment and check which option gives you a better survival advantage at the moment without compromising self compassion. Definitely, todays rights need not be a better option for tomorrow as the world itself is changing and releasing many unknowns. So have a little room for flexibility too for tomorrow.

Why I love risks..?

Now why do you love risks..?

When people are running do you run in the middle?

By | March 24, 2019

“When people are running, you should run in the middle”

It’s a proverb actually meaning ‘one must strive to assimilate to the norm’.

Maybe it’s another prejudice wall built in the minds of people asking to change yourself when everyone around you is changing. And people easily fall in to that just to avoid that “awkward” state of being odd.


Why do you need to go with the normal flow? You are living in your priorities and comfort. Of course, sometimes your priorities may overrule your comfort. But as long as you are only setting up your priorities and defining your comfort, why should you run in the middle of the crowd and make yourself less creative?

Okay, if you still wish to run in the middle ( as you are afraid of oddness or uniqueness) while people around you are running, better not to let your feet run faster than your shoes and make yourself fall. 

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You can buy an orgasm, but never love.

By | March 18, 2019

I don’t find true love or romance in you guy’s relationship.

Oops… How dare I to say that. Who am I to judge someone else relationship. After all who am I to define love?

What is love.. love is just love.. nothing more to say.. It’s good enough as it’s not an abstract thing to be defined.

Your version of love may not be as that of my version. It doesn’t imply that you are only right or I am. People may be expressive or non-expressive. Let them be as they are.

If there is love, the bond will be multidimensional comprising all the emotions under a single umbrella. It will have care, trust, lust, passion, longing, addiction, possessiveness, compassion, attraction, attachment, affection and comfort (and many more).  There is always enough space for you to release your temper, grief, and any pain.

And yeah, hormones such as oxytocin also have a main role to play in love. Maybe that’s why you cannot force some to love you or prevent someone from loving you.

And above all to the superficial feelings, there develops a quite natural bond as you go on. And that natural addiction will be evidenced in your actions.

You can buy an orgasm, but never love. No love for sale  is so far available in the markets.

Well, this is how I outline love up to certain extent, and yes I don’t believe in first sight love.

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Be emotionally intelligent

By | March 9, 2019

Have you ever felt a soul crushing tension while entering into some room, even maybe within your own home?

Could be due to someone’s presence or even absence.. And it hurts a lot when the reason for your discomfort becomes the person with whom you want to be most comfortable.

Have you ever thought, “Why was she/he so mean? How could she/he spray such toxic words at me..?

When one is at the epitome of emotions, words spill out so badly that can even bring in a third world war at the otherwise peaceful home.

And at some point you might start justifying them even if they crushed your heart. You try to make yourself at ease with their emotions; otherwise further life would be tough.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions and those of others as well.

While being in colleges, I remember taking IQ tests. It was fun. Now I could see many where projecting EQ tests. I donno if there is any standard measurements for the same. But one thing is for sure, “to enhance the morality and creativity at the same time, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is a must along with academic learning”

IQ is about a person’s academic intelligence, while EQ tells the emotional intelligence

You may be winning the series out of your IQ. If that’s all what matters you, forget about not offering a helping hand to the fallen contestant. Be happy with your excellent skills in science and maths or whatsoever and don’t worry if you forget to learn the essential skills of living. (Sarcasm intended)

Some where I read about the push and pull happening between those who think SEL is needed and those who want schools to focus only on academics. But with the increasing weight of school bags, will there be a slot for another learning? Obviously ‘where to fit in SEL while already packed with current syllabus’, would be a giant problem infront of schools if SEL gets mandatory. The thing is, there needs to have balance between the two.. Why these kids should be fed with vast variety of information even at their younger stage in the form of books..?

At the start, Let them find themselves, let them be aware of their emotions as well as ambitions, let them be self driven, let them be empathetical, the rest would follow. Isn’t what is needed essentially to go further coping with life’s curveballs and pursue their dreams?

Yeah, nothing is impossible and one must me ready to say no to limits. But can ‘feeding all information to these little brains’ help this? Wont it actually do adverse effects while there is no platform for them to understand their interests and emotions? In fact learning gets monotonous for these little brains as their emotions are least cared.

While running behind high academic scores, developing emotional intelligence is easily forgotten. Emotional self regulation is an important component in emotional intelligence.

It’s nothing but the control over one’s own emotions.  Controlling doesn’t mean suppressing your emotions and finally becoming a victim of self criticisms. It’s much beyond that. It’s about the self awareness while feeling or expressing your emotions.  Yes, you must satisfy your ego too while having compassion towards others. After all if you can’t feel for yourself, how can you empathize for others?

Emotional intelligence invokes a change in your thought process if the present thoughts can’t solve your problem. Changing is a part of growing up as I mentioned in my post How to deal with “You’ve changed a lot”. In addition it keeps you aware of your emotions and makes you express the feelings with that “awareness”.

I am not an impulse driven person, of course I do have emotions (infact at a higher rate), but I do have an inner voice too which have a better control over the emotions. (Still sometimes, that control is too much in fact. I wish if I could be a little expressive over my excitements as well as depressions.. Ah! Maybe I am lacking that emotional literacy to put words to my emotions. But as far as I am not acting out on those feelings, safe upto some extent.. There is something more to say on this, but later..)

You cannot develop emotional intelligence if driven completely though a virtual world. Artificial intelligence and deep learning can’t take you to the heights of emotional intelligence (maybe if that ever happens, you can even think about marrying a robotic man or a girl). Nature and nurture takes a role in developing emotional intelligence. Of course, nurturing takes start at home itself. So be with your child without dismissing their emotions and make them equipped to solve it. Let them grow with emotional literacy too.

Even todays employers are conducting EQ tests. So there is one more clear reason to nurture emotional intelligence.

And it’s proven by many researches that investing your time on social-emotional learning is actually worthy as it takes you further in academics. Daniel Goleman  is the standard name behind emotional intelligence. He is a journalist and author of the book Emotional Intelligence EI gained popularity with this book and Goleman’s EQ movements. Many schools are now trying to implement this.

In short, Emotional intelligence is about the ability to look within as well as to be present in the world around you. Obviously mindfulness practices will aid in nurturing emotional intelligence.

Happiness Hormones – Never stop at yours, make others too feel it

By | February 28, 2019

Recently I got an instagram message from an unknown, “Are you content with what you have”

That simple question was thought provoking actually. I was trying to read it in this way “Am I happy now?”. (Well, I know, the query can be read in a different way too, but for the time being I would like to talk on the feeling of simple ‘happiness’.)

I am surrounded by my love (with occasional fights obviously). Have an atm card with not so bad bank balance and a reliable body. Have a sweet home with roses and butterflies in my balcony. So I have to be happy if these are the conditions for happiness.

They say, you have everything you needed in hand, so obviously you have to be happy.

What about you. Are you happy? Ask yourself? What’s the response from your inner self?

Since the question made me ponder about, obviously there is something daunting in mind. Or else I would have easily ignored that.  Years back I had a brain which was good enough to handle all these thoughts on its own. Never had it burdened me with such queries. Or maybe it was my immaturity, as didn’t think much on mind controlling ‘the self’ or ‘the self’ controlling the mind. Now, thinking loud, it implies that I am a bit more matured, and hence started to bother about all these.

So what could make you unhappy? There needs to be biological answer for the same as mood swings are all controlled by certain hormones within the body. yes, you read it right. Mood swings are controlled by your physical brain. So instead of exploring the negative hormones, I started to look for the positive ones to find the chemistry behind happiness.

Imbalance of happiness hormones actually take you to the depths of depression. So obviously certain lifestyle changes are required to for the balance. No one can prepare a recipe for a balanced life. But definitely certain ingredients can add a little color in your habits. Once we understand how this happiness hormones work, won’t it be a bit easier to trigger them?

More often we have an inherent leaning towards negative emotions or stressful times. So why not impart a little training to our brain to generate positive emotions? So let’s learn how to intentionally cause them flow.

Fundamentally, there are four hormones: the reward hormone, the love hormone, the pain killing hormone and the soothing serotonin, mostly made out of different chemical combinations of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen in the brain.

Dopamine or ‘the reward hormone:  The pleasure seeking attribute of Dopamine makes you set goals and work for achievements. After all who can be there disliking acknowledgements and appreciations?

Have a realistic goal set and achieve it. There is a dopamine rush in your body.

Think about making a to-do list and feel the satisfaction when you complete an item even if it being a simpler one. And don’t stop there, add more to your list before completing the existing items. Feels a bit awkward..? Don’t worry, as adding entries ensures a pattern in your routine and forces to work for the continual satisfaction.

And maybe that’s the reason behind unhappiness of most housewives as they rarely get acknowledged or appreciated for their job. (Ah! sad indeed)

Oxytocin or ‘the love hormone’: It’s released via skin to skin contact and intimacy.

Oxytocin is released into the bloodstream during physical contacts such as hugging, giggling, sex etc. So what are you still waiting for?  Just go and hug your loved one.

Oxytocin stimulates mother-babe bonding as it is produced in abundance during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Living in a digital world means you are lacking this hormone.

It is said that a lack of physical contact between couples reduces the oxytocin level, which pushes the longing for re-bonding with the same person.

Endorphin or ‘the pain-killing hormone’: It’s released during vigorous physical activities, orgasm or sexual intercourse.

The pain sends a message to the brain which in turn releases endorphins and gives you immense pleasure.  Couple of weeks back I had a rock climbing and when I reached at the top, I felt something strange in my stomach, it was nothing but a state of overwhelming ecstasy created by these hormones.

This is exactly why regular sex life is recommended – to keep the endorphins level high.

Push yourself to your true potential and feel the runner’s high. But don’t make your health at risk while boosting endorphins. So obviously exercising is one not so painful way to release endorphin.

Even laughter is said to be the easiest way to release endorphin. So laugh until it hurts your stomach.

Serotonin: It plays multiples roles in our body and most importantly it regulate our mood swings. When there is sense of belonging, this hormone flows.

Make yourself feel significant by reminding yourself about the good old times. Challenge yourself on regular basis and strive for your dreams. Well, have a ‘Gratitude journal’ if you prefer. Act in a way that benefit others and enjoy the sense of purpose in your life

Between unhealthy attention-seeking syndrome is said to be a by-product of lack of serotonin.

Exposure to sunlight induces serotonin levels, of course not harmful rays.


You are happy now, doesn’t imply you are challenge free. But you have a happy mind to face the challenges and work for your dreams.

But never stop at your own happiness. Make others too feel it.. so now it’s your turn to make others feel the magical hormonal effects.. Make them too happy.

  • Appreciate others, let them feel good. Spread that dopamine- hit to everyone around you
  • Hug your kid or mom or lover or even a stranger (if you are safe) and feel the increased oxytocin level at both ends.
  • Take your loved ones to the heights of ecstasy though any physical activity and let them feel the endogenous morphine effect.
  • Show your empathy and feel for others. Hold their hands and make them feel important with an abundance of serotonin secreted.

Kids are not just kids to be disrespected

By | February 10, 2019

I was waiting for the bus to come. It was a junction and I saw a lady with a child coming towards the bus stop. The lady was in a hurry that the kid was literally running to be with her. He too was shouting as being a kind of dragged by his mother’s hands . A couple of times he lost his balance and was about to fall. The smooth muscles of his too young vocal chords were vibrating and producing harsh sounds to attack his mom too. And on the way there was a small crowd in the footpath and she has to pass through them to reach the junction. In her hurry, she just hit another lady. Before the other lady could say something, the mom was nice enough to offer a “sorry” which made the other one open her lips to give an ironic smile. In a short while they reached the junction and I heard the child asking the mom “You are good enough to tell a sorry to the stranger, but how many sorrys you have missed to tell me?”

Sometimes (or most of the times) kids are the best eye openers for the elders, but only when you have a less egoistic mind to see that.

Often the parents world has a tendency to treat kids in a disrespectful manner,thinking they are just kids or assuming the children are their possessions. And it won’t limit their too, the biggest advices are poured even at the smallest babies and that too with a label, “I am saying for your good only”. I am not judging the whole parents ( which include myself too) or projecting myself to be an expert parent ( I too have made this “sorry” mistake until I realized it). But just emphasizing that nothing should be taken for granted, not even your own kids. They are also human to be treated equally and respectfully. 

Another point which my son regularly complains is regarding the elderly interruptions while he talks. I know I would be the major interruption in his list. And yes I know I am his major listener too even though his ego won’t be ready to accept my claim publicly. 

Kids are kids, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be respected.  There is no wall placed in their age, mentioning “after crossing this wall only we need to be respected”. They are not anyone’s materialistic possessions or any private properties. 

If I can show the babe, how to be polite, why do I need to insist that always. “Live by example”. That would be a better strategy than imposing controls. Or can you actually remember an instance where in your child genuinely obeyed your orders and stopped repeating  the misbehavior. None of us actually like to be controlled. If so how can we expect the impulse driven nerves of the kids to be inline with the elderly controls? It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t guide them on seeing a misbehavior. Or everything should be permitted on their demands. Just don’t underestimate that they are just kids.

If you hurt the child (of course won’t be intentionally), say sorry as we do with elders. And obviously never tell a sorry, if you don’t mean it really . No point in saying a sorry just for the sake of it. Talk to your kids and listen to them in the way as we do with elders. They do share the same world where we live. It doesn’t mean from tomorrow onwards, talking to them in the adult language and finally blaming me for all these stupidities. 

We are used to many social conditionings so as kids. For them the conditioning mainly happens from what they sees or hears around at their younger stage. It’s actually unavoidable. And it would be too late by the time the grown up child realizes the impacts of this brain programmings.  The babe realize what’s worth and what’s not worth by watching the world around them. So if you think “it” to be unworth, avoid stay with “it” or else your child is going to be with “it” very soon. 

I don’t go behind any confirmation biases like, if I do this I am a good parent. If I do that I am a bad parent, likewise. But I really want to care for the feelings of growing baby generations and treat them as humans. It doesn’t mean always we need to accept their views, but just need to keep in mind that “Each and every child deserves to be respected and treated as human”

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What if I die at this moment?

By | January 30, 2019

“Live in the moment” – Often heard a lot. And definitely it’s an important concept as it is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

So while living in this moment, what if I die at this moment?

There is no certainty for a tomorrow.

“I am dead” – “I” was present a few moments back. But now the existence has gone to the past. What about the family..? Obviously the grief of the family is going to be million times worse than one imagined. Completely blank and surrounded by total chaos…

Now take a deep breath as I have to tell you something intense,

“Plan for your death”

Many are afraid to think about one’s own death. Maybe scared if the thoughts come true actually.

It won’t result in any disaster if you get organized for your own death in advance. So that not much of our personal affairs would be left unattended even if death arrives all of a sudden.

So think, “what if I die at this moment?”

Everything you owned have no privacy once you are dead. All your secrets are going to be handled by someone else. If the conscious mind is still awake even after your death (who knows), how do you want your affairs to be handled?

It would be a hell for your loved ones to be present in the world where you are not around and damn tough to have any mindfulness when the thoughts are overwhelmed by worries about past events. So won’t it make them a little stress free if the stuffs were kept in order before dying? You can make things a little easier for your family if your life is organized enough with plans and strategies for supporting them at the time of your nonexistence.

Finally and most importantly nothing is taken for granted. Sense what’s really valuable and what’s not. Time rolls quickly. We think that we have time and there will be another chance to appreciate the love, the time, the care and so on,. But just think ‘If today were the last day of my life and I have no other choice than to leave this mortal world, am I ready to exit the game board with less chaos left behind?’

So make less cleanup effort for the family when you are not around by being organized and value whatever you have now because ‘that missed moment’ may never happen again in future.

Steve Jobs : “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today. I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.”