Healthy mind and Body

By | September 17, 2013

I did an exercise last day. A simple exercise to know my daily time stamps.

Interestingly I observed that on working days I spend
• 25 % – for office
• 10 % – for myself
• 35 % – for family and remaining time for sleeping.

Then on holidays, I spend
• 15 % – for myself
• 50 % – for family and remaining time for sleeping.

It was interesting to observe that I spend a lot of time for sleeping and very little time for myself. Some change is required, especially in these two.

Every individual must have some time reserved for oneself.

Just check whether you are spending at least 10 minutes in a day to thank God for the beautiful life.

How bad it is if we cannot reserve at least 10 mnts with God?

How bad it is if we are not spending atleast half an hour for our health?

Yoga /meditation make our soul strong enough to keep the presence of mind in any adverse situations. A restless mind will actually make the situations much worse. Similarly if we don’t have a healthy body, our actions also will be limited.

Health of mind and body is the most important things in life with which we can achieve anything life.

0 thoughts on “Healthy mind and Body

  1. Di

    excellent point.. this is a universal truth which is accepted by everyone, but rarely practised.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks a lot..
      But unfortunately we forget it always ..

      1. Nisthur Anadi

        Yeah, agreed
        But some times we struggle to set up health as priority, many times we failed , very few times we succeed !!

        1. Akhila Post author

          yes.. very true..I am struggling…but still practice continues. Struggling to make it as a passion.

          1. Akhila Post author

            nothing like that.: ☺.. just compelling myself. ☺

          2. Akhila Post author

            yea.. not sure how to make it as a passion…;)

  2. jncthedc

    I call this prioritizing. Most people are unaware of time utilization. Putting it down on paper creates a reality. Change (for the better) becomes possible with this new understanding. I’ll bet this helped improve your quality of life.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Definitely..You are correct.
      Infact this was one of my earlier posts . I didn’t do any further editing on that post when I restarted blogging recently, after a gap of two years. But reading it further, I feel a lot of improvements in expressing my mind as well as writing style.
      Anyway I am glad you spend your time in reading and commenting on it.:)

  3. Sakthi

    It’s good as you balance your life..the more you sleep, the more you can be recharged

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