3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge 3 – Day 3

By | January 22, 2016

My heart speaks  lub-dub..lub-dub… yes it’s not stopped 😉 

Thank you adhi2001 and BLACK ROSE OF ICE for challenging me 🙂

So here comes the Day 3 Quote


Today I challenge


From Breezes to Storms


Rules you must follow:
Post three consecutive days.
#2 You can pick one or three quotes per day.
#3 Challenge three different bloggers per day.

20 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge 3 – Day 3

    1. Akhila Post author

      True. ..there is a thirst which can’t be ever fulfilled. And it drives one to the world of explorations

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yeah..Infinity is a wonder always. .I believe definitely there need to be infinity plus one

  1. myheartbeats4ublog

    Hey Akhila, nice quote…Infinity and impossible are two words in the dictionary…let them neautralise each other. is it impossible to attain infinity?


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