3 quotes 3 days (Challenge 4) – Day 2

By | February 23, 2016

Another round of quote challenge…

Thanks a lot Jen for making me to participate in this.

Here comes the Day 2 Quote.



1. 3 quotes in 3 days
2. Thank the person who nominates you
3. Nominate 3 blogs each day of the 3 days to participate in the challenge


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28 thoughts on “3 quotes 3 days (Challenge 4) – Day 2

      1. theonlysup

        absolutely .. people say its pointless thinking about what if because they believe ideation without execution is just a delusion which is true . but I liked your view because what if can still trigger optimism to make it reality or may be make peace with self in some situations .

    1. Akhila Post author

      Tricky? Ha may be.. But don’t you like memories ? Don’t you spend a little time with those memories and fantasies?

      1. Swetha M

        Yes I do, absolutely! Cherishing memories nothing wrong with it but indulging in unfulfilled ‘if I were’ and ‘if I had’ is sometimes more hurtful than mirthful 🙁

  1. Rashid Abbasi

    Imagination is a blessing! I always try to conjure up happy fantasies in my head to deal with unhappiness of reality 🙂

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yea that’s true rashid. Such fantasies make our brain relaxed. I am glad that you share the same opinion.

      1. chape

        No, I didn´t. In a certain way, we are our memories. Also, we ironically learn more from our mistakes so my maxim is: sometimes I win, sometimes I learn (I don´t remember the author).

  2. Jackie Jain

    Very deep thought Akhila. Made me think on it for a while. Sometimes we always curse that if we had that thing at that time, then it would have been better, But instead of that if we think just because I didn’t had that thing at that time, I learned that we can also live better without that thing. It is more soothing. Have a great day. 🙂

    1. Akhila Post author

      True it is friend. We often forget That learning part. As you said if we could learn from that, the worst memories are going to be the best ever


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