Fed up of trying lot many footwear to leave a mark..

; )


Hmm , I understand it’s not the footwear, but one’s  attitude helps to leave  mark.

What should I follow..? footsteps of some role models..? If I do that I am going to be a copycat, right..? So why are people always trying to compare oneself with some other role model..?.  Are these models perfect..?

If I need to be unique, I need to walk away from those footsteps and create my own.

Never follow the footsteps of others, but simply follow one’s own passion…

0 thoughts on “Leave a mark in this world..

        1. but then it cannot be a passion.. it’s simply a fascination..i believe a passion is something deep from heart which we can’t realize so easily..

          1. Do you think how many people have made their passion in career if that’s case? Most people are forced to like with what they get!

          2. Yea.. most people simply adjust with what they get…but as you already posted, there is a reason behind every occurring.

  1. to be able to truly follow your passion and bliss is a real blessing! Few people are worth following as we are all struggling with our own paths… but there are some, Yogananda or Mooji for two examples, who are more than fit to follow! Much love and peace to you. 🙂 Michelle

  2. Wow.. Akhila.. Very true.. We don’t have to follow the foot steps of anyone else. We should just take inspiration from their success stories. But the path to destiny and happiness can be followed only through passion..
    Very lovely post.
    Have a great week.. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Will there be anyone without any passion..? It will be there in everyone’s heart most probably invisible to oneself. And time proves it..

      1. Yes very true Akhila.. Everyone have passion locked in our heart. We just to seek for it. And time is best thing which shows us our passion. 🙂

          1. Thanks Akhila. . I have realised it may be but still haven’t found the path. I think my heart needs more time. . 😉

            And what about you?

          2. .at least you are aware of the same and so you are waiting for it..
            In my case, I think yes.. but need little more time to disclose it

  3. I agree. We must each walk in our own steps -what else can we do? It isn’t like options are available. So why do we try?

  4. Well said. No need to follow anyone blindly. They say, “Never compare your life to others, You don’t have any idea what there journey is/was all about.”
    so Make your own trail. Yeah if it gets boring now or then…Make few link roads, follow someone but always remember to come back to your path…your journey.
    Have fun.

    1. Thank you mann for the well explanation. I liked the second part saying about the link roads.. for the first time I am hearing that..nice concept ☺

  5. We gain experience following other people’s “footsteps.” It becomes our responsibility to utilize this experience and create a path that adds greater value to life. If we succeed, we notice MANY different footsteps behind ours!

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. As you said, experience is to be utilized to create our own path and many a times, people blindly copy these experiences to their life and failing to leave their own footsteps..

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