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She heard a loud voice and found him lying on the floor.

She was so panic to see this and she asked

She : Darling, Are you okay..? what was that sound? why are you lying on the floor?

He  : ha ha.. , i am okay.. I was just lying here. I didn’t fell down. Why are you so afraid..

She : Hearing the voice, I thought something went wrong with you. If you are hurt, how can I be happy? I also will be hurt if you are hurt ..take care my dear

She told that she will be hurt if he is hurt. She will be unhappy if he is crying. That’s why she was afraid.. So is it the selfishness acting here to please one’s own mind…?pin

Was she trying to please her mind alone? She believed that she loved him or vice-versa. But were they trying to please themselves..? Loving him/her to make their own mind happy.

There is a pain when someone is hurt, especially our loved ones. That is quite natural.

But is it such a pain that makes you think on how hurt they (someone or your loved ones) are actually. And that makes you panic realizing their pain. 

Or are all these the effect of so called “Mirror Neurons” ?

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  1. DaisyWillows

    A great way to get me in ponder mode. We humans are selfish. This may sound awful but say a loved one is ill- we don’t want to let go or for that person to die because we will never see them again. if that person dies in my culture a huge wake is held for people- usually involving drinking alcohol. Then there is he whole process of grieving. To stop grieving one has to let go. Grieving as horrible as it is – is about the person grieving. So it has every thing to do with that person. Luckily humans can develop empathy and this is a less way for being selfish and actually putting yourself in other’s shoes without pity or sympathy. I think empathy is a good thing.

  2. mySestina

    I guess, the true meaning of love has been misjudged many a times… to love is to give, to love is to make the one happy even it makes you sad.. enlighten me, if you think otherwise

    1. Akhila Post author

      you are right.. true love is self less., I always go with that.. but many a times you can hear people crying and asking ‘why did you leave me alone’ at their loved ones death..they are afraid to be alone.. isn’t it.. is there true love..?

      1. mySestina

        that is true love, but there is nothing wrong in grieving.. In fact, its healthy… it allows you to move on.. after shedding tears, you feel fresh.. You love someone truly, they go, you tend to feel alone, you cry and then you start a fresh… let me know what you think

        1. Akhila Post author

          well.. grieving is good for health…but my point is lack of selfless behind the grieve..I don’t think that it is totally lacking.. but in many cases people lack it..

  3. Akhila Post author

    hmm.. in a sense it is also is the human nature, the so called mirror neurons

  4. fairykumar

    It’s really painful to see our dear one in pain! We pray to cure them and also make deals with God (sometimes)that he can make us unwell in place of our loved one.

      1. fairykumar

        I guess at that particular moment we find someone who is more imp. For us than what we are for ourselves.

    1. Akhila Post author

      i donno whether mirror neuron is there in human body. I think scientists are still working on the same. It is there in apes that’s why they are the best mimics.
      But I wish to believe in mirror neuron as I can not find any other reaon for tears in my eyes while watching a painful scene over TV.

      1. TylerLearnsToWrite

        Yes. Read about it. We also mimic stuff like for example if a person in front of line turns back. I am sure 65 percent of ppl behind will too. 🙂 Regarding the painful scenes, May be the credit goes to director and the crew :’)

  5. Megha Agrawal

    We love are loved ones so much that any pain to them hurts us too. I believe its our love that make us panic realizing they are in pain.

  6. extinct0703

    I care for my loved ones so I feel the pain if they get hurt, if this is being selfish then let it be, I am the most selfish person of the world.

  7. chembaneer

    We all are selfish. That’s why we cry whenever our dear ones get hurt…but we won’t feel the same way if others get hurt bcos we all r selfish

  8. pins & ashes

    We feel hurt if a loved one is hurt! But we may also wince when we hear about an unpleasant event! Guess, it lingers.. Didn’t really get the question akhila.! Sorry 🙁

    1. Akhila Post author

      well.. thanks pins and ashes.
      now, just ask yourself why did you get hurt when your loved ones are hurt..? was it not a kind of insecurity feeling, a loneliness , or something else which is of selfish in we thought the after effects of the painful incident …this is from one perspective.
      And secondly it could be like, we are hurt because we were really imagining the pain the other one was suffering which made us hurt too.
      So in which category will you fall..?

      1. pins & ashes

        Akhila, Category Two makes more sense to me that one since you have given me a choice.. Leaving hurt aside, if I take the case of say, Joy… I’m happy for someone when they are happy, and feel hurt when they are hurt!

        Not sure whether feelings of insecurity, loneliness and selfishness play up when somebody is in pain! (at least in my case)

        made me think!

        1. Akhila Post author

          :)… it is good..and i think it is a play of mirror neurons, which makes me cry even while watching someone crying over tv.

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