Female Behaviour – 3

By | June 5, 2016

Daughter :Mom..what a surprise! How long it had been since we met.

Mother    : I took duty off and thought to give you a surprise.

Daughter : My sweet mom, what have you brought for me..?mussel

Mother    : Here it is..open this..your favourite item

Daughter : wow… Mom, how long had it been I tasted this!  Love you mom..

Mother    : Don’t you know how to prepare this..?

Daughter : Yes Mom,  I know. But he don’t like this.

Mother    : So what..why can’t you prepare it for yourself?

Daughter : Oh my mom, I am your daughter and I know you never prepared dishes which me and dad didn’t like. I have never seen you preparing something for you alone.

Mother    : Yeah.. true..but his taste is not matching with yours too..

Daughter : Hmm..I make whatever he wants only even if it is not as per my taste. I think, I even forgot about my favourite items.. And now I love his tastes too, as much as I love him..

48 thoughts on “Female Behaviour – 3

  1. dvaal

    It would be nice if he loved her enough to share in her likes as well. She is a good girl, but my heart breaks for her. Love is two-sided, and embracing the good and bad in one another.

  2. myheartbeats4ublog

    Akhila…..nice one! So true…We often live by the tastes of the ones whom we love, that we tend to forget what our own are….

    1. Akhila Post author

      yes it is…if I say like it is females who often forget their own tastes, will you agree with me..? ask Priya too..;)

        1. Akhila Post author

          ha ha.. one and only one answer..in majority of the cases , it won’t be forced for her..it happens naturally….

          hmm.. in between, what happened to ask the same question..?

          1. extinct0703

            The varied answers here are trying to project the self sacrifice too big, which I do not agree with.

          2. Akhila Post author

            well.. from a female perspective, it is never a sacrifice. As I told already it happens naturally.. and she don’t even care whether he is noticing that or not..and now it is his turn to understand this…

          3. Akhila Post author

            that is upto him and she is least bothered..tell me dhiraj, you are striking something out of this post..

          4. extinct0703

            Akhila I am not at all able to understand the meaning of this post. When she’s least bothered, why to expect at all?

          5. Akhila Post author

            ha.. now I understood why you are asking so many questions..well, she won’t be expecting anything..let me state it with an example. ” she was a chocolate fan in her college days. and when she had a baby, she could easily give up that habit for her baby. and then normally she may not even feel to have a single piece of chocolate while her baby is having it…and when the baby offer her a piece, she will accept the love in those piece and return the chocolate to baby itself..” this is just and example.. chocolates, baby everything may change in real life scenario.

  3. ANM7

    Very nice. I enjoyed it. Very sweet. Nice bit of drama relative 2 marriage and romance. My laptop crashed so I’ve been working out of a small Gadget that’s why my absence. It’s difficult to type on this small Gadget. Bye for now.

      1. Nitin

        selfless love is so hard to find these days. but if you hope to find any, go and look at indian woman who is constantly adopting herself to suit her husband, his parents, children, her parents … 🙂

          1. Akshitha

            Actually my name was derived from the Sanskrit word Akshata means the rice which is offered as a blessing.But since,my family felt akshata was not sweet to pronounce they slightly modified it to Akshitha 🙂 But now a days,accprding to online baby naming blogs ,Akshitha is wonder girl.But I don’t think such a word exists. 😀 I’m glad you like my name.Thank you ^_^

          2. Akshitha

            Nice 🙂 you are welcome. 😀 Actually I know many people by this name,but I din know what it meant. 🙂

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