Not enough to have a passion, you have to have a work ethic too

Teacher : I saw some of your paintings.

Student  : I am really passionate on painting. How do you feel on them, Sir?

Teacher : Good..You paint well. But your passion alone won’t drive you.

Student  : I am in damn love with painting. But yes, sometimes I feel bored.

Teacher : It’s not just enough to have a passion and skill.

Student  : Sir..?

Teacher : It’s not just enough to wish for something or want something. You need to handle the boredom of repetition, the boredom of repeated process.

Student  : Sir, how can I escape from that boredom?

Teacher :  You cannot escape from that boredom. It is humane. You need to find your own way to work through boredom. There are no magic sticks to inspire you every time. You need to put in hours and time. You should not make yourself driven by priceless emotions when you have a great goal to achieve. You need to love that boredom of repetition and make yourself under continuous practice.

Student  : Yes Sir, I understand, ‘It’s not enough to have a passion, need to have a work ethic too’. Anyone can work better when inspired, but the real performer is the one who performs the best even when no one is there to motivate him.

41 thoughts on “Not enough to have a passion, you have to have a work ethic too

    1. thanks is difficult to practice.. but when we are on the right track, there will be ways to work even through the boredom

      1. haha! well, not quite.. but a still a reminder. I have a tendency to get bored of things easily! because I overdo it, so need to take it slow!

  1. did you hear … “victims love leaisure , leaders love learning” you will feel bored , tired , exhausted up . but great thing about leaders is they still do it ..they still put efforts besides this.

    1. yes absolutely you said it little fairy..there is a hair line gap between that love and boredom arising due to repeated practice..and when we are able to direct it to the right path, succeeded

  2. I am really happy with your words dear.. you are right, when we think about it only, we realize the same and the ways are opened infront of them

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