28 thoughts on “Notion of the day

      1. myheartbeats4ublog

        “Give away your love
        And ask your heart
        Can you survive?
        Listen to its beats
        If it says it can…
        there goes the icecream then!

        1. pins & ashes

          Hahaha! Well well well …

          my heart will say yes..
          And my mind will say no..
          Ice cream goes away,
          love stays
          on heart’s shores

        2. Akhila Post author

          oh my god.. hari….do I need to answer your question..
          and it is only the case where my will power is failed.

  1. Akhila Post author

    thanks sumit.. I am fine and you..
    So tonight, how will you test your willpower..okay.. let me suggest.. no sleep at all..

    1. Akhila Post author

      thanks Preeti..in fact it was something which i did during my college days….

    1. Akhila Post author

      true my dear.. the comfort zone always has a tendency to make us safe, without allowing to take challenges..

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  3. A Walk into the Woods

    Long long ago, I’d never touch ice creams because I never did like any…. that is, until Mr. Magnum Choco Truffle came along. And down the drain went my “I don’t like ice creams, really’ statement, along with my easy struggle with weight loss.

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