What kind of a blogger are you?

A few days back, Kishan told that he want to become a social blogger like me (he commented in response to two of my previous posts  ).

Ha ha ..”like me’’ .. lol.. let him realize what he is telling 😉

In his definition a social blogger is one who raises social issues as well as writes about small issues in daily life which matters the most.

I liked this caption ‘social blogger’. In fact I got this title from him when I was trying to define what I am writing.

Bhagavat Gita : – “Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. “

These words always inspire the ‘real me’.

I used to write about happenings in my life, which could be already happened, or happening or going to happen. Then I used to speak for women. And most frequently about love.  Is there anything else which I missed..?

Have you thought what kind of a blogger you are? So how will you define yourself..?

109 thoughts on “What kind of a blogger are you?

  1. vayaadi blogger of course! 😀

    chuckles at “social blogger” 😛 I thought I was a social blogger too, being social to everyone, and interacting a dozen.. 🙂

  2. Oh boy. . I need my thinking hat on. .
    I am a lousy blogger.. as I don’t think my posts are any good.. I just writ what comes to mind..

  3. That’s really a good thought. To identify oneself as a specific kinda blogger he/she should write on a specific area but I do not want my writing to be confined to a specific area. I started of as a personal finance blogger but then as I am a self motivated guy.. I wrote on inspiring topics too. I love exploring new things and wrote few on brainstorming ideas too.. So I kinda am a rationalistic and inspirational blogger..

  4. my dear shilpa..your comments always makes me relaxed.. so what about you ..how will you define your way of blogging?

  5. Hee…hee congratulations on your title of being “A social blogger”. Social workers have a new arm for their profession *wink* Seriously i haven’t given thought to what kind of blogger i am. May be you can help me here…

  6. I am not a blogger… I am just raising my voice through words and using this space , I gave never been a writer. I blog with a purpose, I started blogging in search of my love and search is on..

    But in the mean time I got some great people.. And i feel blessed to be in touch with them.. 🙂 🙂

      1. You are certainly… !! Especially the last time we had a conversation.. That helped me to regain my scattered trust faith and strength.. 🙂

  7. Akhila, you are the sweetest blogger I have met yet and my blogging work goes like you. I ususally like to write about my own life, small things that matters to me,love and then whatever I like, i just write it… 😀

    1. hurraiiiii.. sweetest blogger.. me…thank you thank you.. thanks a ton..I am modifying my current title with this.. Not sure if there will be someone else to vote for this..he he ..

  8. Hey ‘social blogger’ 🙂 I started off as a ‘socially conscious’ blogger. I write about issues that concern me etc. Then I branched off into other things as well. SO right now I don’t know what blogger I am!!

  9. Can’t even define my kind of blogging,I still have other aspect I’m yet to touch, I think i will be a general or all-round blogger,that’s if there’s any name like that.

  10. accepted your best wishes as well as the title of an inspirational blogger.. thank you so much.. And I wish you the same dear friend..

  11. Whatever happened is for good, whatever happens is also for good .. I believe that is just an excuse to convince yourself about things you can’t change.

    1. no vickie.. there is something more in those words..and definitely I am not the one who believe in the so called ‘fate’ in its usual meaning.. I had a new dimension for this so called’fate’ thing in my mind..definitely it is not the murmur of a lazy mind…lol

      1. I understand that but when we think and see things for what they actually are, getting off the bourgeois mentality, can you say what has happened is good to a child who lost his mother ? What’s happening is good to the one who is starving ? Or what’s gonna happen will be good to the man who is fighting a losing battle with death ? So that rule applies for the ruling class and the class who don’t suffer without money. Just a thought

        1. your thought, is thought provoking…i always believe in a positive energy..and i dont think that the positive energy is something with ruling class alone…if we are at the right place,at the right time, the right thing which was supposed to happen or the so called fate will happen..and this is decided…this is a post in my drafts already..

          1. If things happen at the right place and right time, why isn’t everyone at the right place at the right time.. why do people starve and suffer ? all these questions torture me a lot.

          2. hmm.. we are being deviated by some forces either our own inner self or some other external forces which may be lively or non lively..researching…

    1. yeah.. I was also thinking.. finally posted and thought to take views of all of you.. I am happy as you also started to think.. he he lol

          1. Anyway I love how you blog so consistently..;)
            Enjoy reading your posts!

  12. This is great question. These blog questions always make me use my mind. Love em. I am a beginner, who writes about my life. I often feel I need to dig deeper within myself to expose what’s hidden inside.

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