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      1. It is like a transit area at an airport, where people wait for their next respective flights 🙂 Some flights get delayed, some miss their flights but eventually they get on to their desired flight, unless someone wants to linger longer in the ocean of souls. It must be really a busy place, for sure…

      2. I read about it somewhere. Some place (in devaloka), there exists a white ocean. (white is also the color of souls, since white also signifies pure ) Each soul will be in that ocean until they desire something. Say suppose the soul desires to be a bird, it asks lord vishnu to fulfill it’s desire of a bird. Vishnu sends it to earth in the form of a bird.

          1. I read it in a website Akhila. Very good content they post. It’s called setuu.org ; it’s about lord hanuman. It seems he comes over to jungles of Sri Lanka once in 41years and teaches people about life and soul. Not people, these are half human, half monkey. I don’t know if this is true, but the explanation they have given on moksha, soul and desires is worth a read. 🙂
            It is said that life hangs on 7strings, if one string is removed, we die. Or if strings end, we die. Beautifully explained, do go through it once 🙂

  1. The Universe is a system that evolves continuously. It uses planets as their experimental grounds and Earth is one such planet. The Universe learns from us and as we evolve, so does the cosmos.

    Once we die, our energy i.e the soul mingles with the universe and based on the previous learning, the soul will be injected into another being. The new life that the soul takes will be either to apply what it has learned in its previous birth or to learn something new.

    This cycle never ends as long as the universe evolves. And as long as it expands, it will continue to evolve 🙂

      1. Of course everything in this system is linked to science. If science is unable to answer a question, then it simply implies that we haven’t found the science behind that problem 😉

        1. but there are many things in this world which science cant explain..or who knows if this universe itself is a simulated game on someone’s laptop

          1. I have had this very same thought many times. But even if it s a simulated game, then also there exists a science linked to it right. The basic problem in that case would be that we will not be able to digest such an idea 🙂 But science doesn’t ask for our approval. Does it? 🙂 It simply exists 😉

          2. If you deeply look, science never asks for evidence.. It is we who demands evidence to accept them. Science simply exists. 🙂

          3. yes, it is we who demands.. will you believe something without evidence..
            who knows whether i am talking to human/any robot.. i dont have evidences..just kidding..

  2. According to me it goes to place in happinesd or bliss, place of complete bliss and delight and peace , eden, paradise or promised land. Its all depends on your karma.

    1. karma.. so are we doing good things to reach that divine place..it is a lil bit absurd ..isnt it..? being a selfish driven thought..

          1. Ohh nice to know that you believe in positive energy. I believe in myself and thinking about self is not selfish at all. About karma it is written in bhagvatgita n other books but didnt read those books. Only i can say that to you ” Life is like mirrior what you gave to life it will give u back”.

            I am alive now. I do not know what will happen after death. But i want one communication line to know all the things. Ha ha ha 😉

  3. Well ,our physical bodies decompose or get burnt – ha ha . State the obvious , here Daisy. I have no religion. I am not spiritual in a traditional sense. I am rather scientific in my approach to the afterlife. II don’t believe this is it. I believe there is something else. What I can’t say. I haven’t been there yet. I’m not anxious to know where I am going. I still have to get through this life. I think myths and parables are important but these should just be guides and not followed dogmatically. I believe our energy doesn’t just dissipate. It moves on. I don’t know how aware or not we are – of where our energy goes. Maybe some are more aware of their place than others just like in this world. I don’t believe our energy dies just because our body dies. Just where it goes, I don’t know! 🙂

    1. thanks daisy.. i doubt whether I was commenting to your ‘post’ ahead of time.. he he..
      anyway i am glad that you also believe in those energy. it is there and it can’t be burnt or buried.. then where is it disappeared..?

  4. This is very serious question indeed, correct answer to this question transform can our life. One who is capable of answering this question , lives the fearless life. one who understand the life death concept, who is away from all misery and sorrow, yet being the part of society he is untouched the events happening out side in this world. One who answered this question find the world perfect. One who knows the answer accept the people and situation as they are . One who know the answer knows what is ever changing and what never changes. One who knows the answer is having key of all the problems of this world.

    Let me try to attempt this question in its totality on spiritual grounds. To understand death and after life let us understand the life first as it been described by our scriptures from ages.

    Life has 5 layers of existence.

    1. Annmay Kosha , Here annmay kosha is Body , the one which is made up of food as its name indicates.

    2. Pranamay Kosha, Here prana means Breath ! Breath is inhalation and exhalation of body. Breath connects body with mind. As we all know pranayama , is the breathing technique in yoga and have numerous benefits on physical and mental health.

    3. Vigyanmay Kosha :- is nothing but our logical brain. Manomay Kosha is over all mind, Mind is nothing but collection of thoughts, Impressions, experiences , be it good or bad.
    Hard disc of life. Logics etc.

    4. Emptyness or nothingness is fourth layer , its beyond mind.

    5. Fifth is very important layer that is our soul/spirit or life energy or what ever name you want to give. This is our true self. Our real nature.

    Knowing the true self is realization of self. Our real self is nothing but ‘Satchitanand’
    eternal bliss. inherent nature of our true self is , Love peace and happiness. One who know that himself is love , peace and happiness his quest for all materialistic accumulations ends. He starts living in present moment and never regret for past and have nothing to gain from future, all desires and hopes vanishes the moment , we realize our true self.

    We need to understand that in ever changing world our true self never changes. it is beyond growth. Hence it neither dies and never born . its omnipresent and omniscient.
    Neither fire nor water can make any harm to us.

    Size of our true self is if a tip of hair, is divided into 10,000 parts . We never dies. our actual self is immortal.

    we are beyond body and mind , Our true self is as pious as god, finding our true self within our self is finding the god within. We are complete within , Our worth full journey is from outer world to inner world.

    once we identify our true self as eternal blissful, immortal self then every body around us is nothing but God, we see them as our reflection. We remove all worldly tags and see and see others as love , peace and happiness.

    We stop discriminating people on their age, gender , religion or status, entire universe is the manifestation of god. We see god within and god around us. Our family is entire universe hence every body else is equally pure and pious.

    As far as our transformation is concerned we keep on changing our physical body as per our intentions and desire , we had in our last body.

    Here is the answer for question,

    Every thing goes back to its source , If you identify your self as body then you die and dispersed in 5 elements , you are made up of

    1. Water
    2. Fire
    3. Air
    4. Earth
    5. Space

    If you identify your self as soul then if your desired are fulfilled and you no more desire anything then you go back to supreme soul.

    Else if you have desires or think that you are doer of your actions or acts then for reaping the fruits for your karma…. you keep on enjoying the world as pleasure or aversion.

    One who understand the real nature of things and entire life and death philosophy is Jeevan mukta. The liberated one.

    One who know that entire world is nothing but one is just spectator of his action and never claims its fruits is reached to the Nirvana. One who knows that he has been given all the virute , strength and capability to serve the society. One who performs selfless action is always in bliss.

    So if you are soul you never dies if you are body you decomposed into 5 elements.

    Mind plays the game, science does not allow us to reach to the spirituality.

    Faith is the key.

    If you ask me Akhila is never going to die..She is such a loving soul.

    Hope you will have that much patience to read it completely.

      1. Yeah I realized. But I have already written same sort of stuff on my blog under different post.

        Will repeating same thoughts is advisable… ?

        I read your comment ocean of soul and desire . You are enlightened… I believe.
        Do you agree….?

        1. Repeating same thoughts with a different perspective or may be with few.additions is worth repeating 100 times 🙂
          I know I am different. Souls and such topics interested me since childhood. And I have a very good intuition power and I am a bit psychic (Please read correctly, not psycho). Knowing about few things before they happen made me realise that I am different. Though I hid this from people, including my own parents because I dint want people to think I am crazy. Two years ago, I finally decided to tell my parents that I can sense bad omen, like some relative is going to die in few days and so on. I have never been wrong till now in what I predict.

          1. Wow that’s wonderful.
            I know , knowledge of intution is supreme knowledge. Beyond science, I mean.

            Hats off…

            Glad connecting..

          1. Pleasure is all mine . We need to take permission for Akhila , how many comments are allowed, else for sure she will block me.

            I don’t know about you…

          2. What do you mean by prankster , please explain your intentions…
            I am not feeling safe here….
            And she is also not here to take decision…

          3. I have not done anything thing , she said she will protect me and further said you love her .

            I am innocent, you know that it’s true…
            Is it not…?

          4. hey.. nothing to be worried.. how can I block you two guys…infact seeing the comments increased to 80 or so, I was wondering ..

          5. ha ha.. before that may I ask you one thing.. your name..?.. what is your motive behind that unpronounceable blog link

          6. Omg. I thought you knew my name!!!
            I am Rekha. 🙂
            Initially my blog name was “theanonymousblogger” but that sounded too common so I Changed it to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s taken from the movie Mary Poppins. Poppins is a nanny who teaches kids about life in a very beautiful way. It’s a musical film, by Disney, released somewhere in late 1960’s. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means atoning educability through delicate beauty. 🙂

        1. yes.. it was a wonderful post, and does not deserve to be a comment alone.. let me check your post on this..
          infact I didn’t know much about the five things.. read it somewhere.. but didn’t understand it fully then.. now it is pretty clear.. really thank you

  5. Ok I will agree , do it for sure.
    Select the title of the post. Be careful choose me a title for single word.

    I keep one word title for all my posts and poems. Happy.

    Now choose a title I will post..it sooner…

  6. That, my friend, depends on what you believe and what religion you believe in!! Many people much smarter than I am have debated this question for centuries!! xo

  7. It goes to Some other body, I don’t know what happens in between,if it’s a happy soul,it may dance to songs ,if it’s a nivin Pauly soul,it rotates around malar.

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