Goat became a dog when 10 people said it 10 times

By | August 14, 2016

പത്തു പേര്‍ പത്തു വട്ടം പറഞ്ഞാല്‍ ആടും പട്ടിയാകുമോ..?

Will goat become a dog if ten people said it ten times..? 


Mr A : See, something wrong with her attitude.

Ms B : Is it..? Do you mean any mental disorders?

Mr C : Seems she is not normal nowadays.

Ms D : …



She: Oh god.. what the hell is all this..Why do they try to make me mad..?


Some people have an ability to repeat and emphasize the same thing, ignoring the underlying truth. (madness, just an example. It could range from angstrom to light years). Their influencers become copycats and the news is widely spread. Who care about the impacted zones ?

0 thoughts on “Goat became a dog when 10 people said it 10 times

    1. Akhila Post author

      ha ha.. i leave it to the readers..whoever concerned may feel, it is for them..;)

  1. pins & ashes

    if being silent means writing .. let me count how many lines was it.. then wow ya Nishur.. i just wrote one.. I’m more silent that you today 😛

  2. Varsh

    The truth and the impact…both serve nothing to the influencers. Why would they bother? She must turn a deaf ear to them. ☺

  3. Teena

    Haha..madness is an outstanding example to express this point. 😉
    As far as I am informed, I am the official cuckoo of my batch..!! 😛

    1. Akhila Post author

      thanks teena..
      i feel no bulb lighting upon my head now..i didnt get what you meant by stating “As far as I am informed, I am the official cuckoo of my batch”

  4. extinct0703

    This reminds me of the media journalists who try to change mindsets of people with their continuous bias reportting on issues.

  5. Akhila Post author

    ha ha…yeah. if people were mad like you, the life would have been much easier

  6. Shalini Sharrma

    People are themselves mad, just babbling without truth and too lazy to get that. Avoid them. Let them call a goat, a dog, and let that dog bite them leaving them to panic and still use their half brains 😛

  7. Akhila Post author

    true that…they are not understanding that they are actually degrading themselves..

          1. Josh

            Hahaha.. Pagachu poyi entte balyam.. ippo kathiyo 😀 or add indakiya pukile 🙂

    1. Nisthur Anadi

      Yeah today you have solved great mystery. I am impressed.

      Now I can ask any question related to life without any hesitation.

  8. vicky

    being a man I wouldn’t be scared with a woman not being normal as much as I would be scared of a woman who is calm and smiling.. normal is just an illusion.. ” what’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly ” .

          1. vicky

            oh god! no, have to find synonyms.. where’s my dictionary and thesaurus

          2. pins & ashes

            Perception illusion assumption judgemental closed minds .. Opening the thesaurus. Glad to be in the company of such enlightened souls who talk straight to the face ..

        1. pins & ashes

          The dedicated one of course, those are your words aren’t they .. Gosh I have been praising this woman and she has turned a dead ear to me has has haw

  9. Akhila Post author

    thanks for stopping by and sharing your love.. definitely i will visit your fashion blog..


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