55 thoughts on “Home made

  1. theonlysup

    Oh yeah.. When u set ur priorities straight ur whole energy and focus would go towards that. But you feel happy working too . and mothers are always like this..in fact even if they feel tired they won’t let u know that.
    Its we who have to respect that and support.. 🙂 good one akhila..

  2. Hemangini

    Being a mother changes it all… One only understands when one becomes a mom… mothers are other wordly beings according to me! hehe

          1. The Shaggy

            Anhaan wow!!! If only you could teach me some South Indian dishes….
            I am a Bihari… A Bihari who lives in Delhi

          2. Akhila Post author

            really glad to meet this dilliwala bihari…
            south Indian dishes…thinking…

  3. michnavs

    I can totally relate..i am a mother of four…do i get tire? …i havent even thought about it..

    1. Nisthur Anadi

      Pleasure is all mine ,
      At least people are accepting supernatural power in each women that makes them supermom.

      Kudus to all mothers , supermoms indeed.

  4. myheartbeats4ublog


    Mom:’Son, Dont you get tired asking the same question again & again?’

    Son: ‘When you are there to answer every time, how would I get tired?’

  5. Akhila Post author

    ha ha.. so you are getting tired, not your mom.. and read the comment of myheartbeats.


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