Raising the curtains

By | August 29, 2016

I was charged like an electron to shock anyone

when people applauded on my brainpower.

I was overwhelmed in proudness to envy anyone

when every data danced in the way I sang.

My proudness touched the boundary of universe

when I solved toughest of tough problem.



But I failed to read the enigmas of the world

The material world of pains and worries.

I failed to detach the fake belief and it adopted

The whole world as it is seen in my eyes.

I failed to read the harsh realities outside my walls.

My mistake to misread it as the real world.

Now, I realise I was an empty shell so far, which

Failed to catch the lives outside my curtains.

0 thoughts on “Raising the curtains

  1. Akhila Post author

    ha ha.. this is anew shell, not yesterday’s…
    some shell effect going on around me..

      1. Akhila Post author

        ha ha….the vegetarian mind, but the non vegetarian body craving for crab…shhhhhhhhh..

  2. Akhila Post author

    true ..thanks prajakta .
    you are absolutely right, it is high time that we should realize our blindness.

  3. vicky

    isn’t that beautiful that someone sees something in us more than just what meets the eye. someone appreciates the efforts we make to be loving and kind to others . to me a person who works on their personality and heart is the best human, no matter how little progress they make they are always ahead of the ones who are stuck with materialistic thoughts

    1. Akhila Post author

      working on personality, agreed to be the best human.. but heart, i donno..

  4. Varsh

    One cannot live and prosper in isolation. You have to remove the curtains sometime. Being proud isn’t a bad thing if it doesn’t blind your judgement about yourself and others.

    1. Akhila Post author

      thanks varsh…and i agree with you that proudness is not a bad thing as long as it is not misleading one..

      1. elaine

        hi dear…i will be doing it soon…first love is back into veins … messed up with hectic travel Goa-mumbai-kerala-goa-mumbai, in between death of grandpa, national seminar-paper presentation etc. Also first had some real life flavors…fiction life will soon be published (real life follows )

    1. Akhila Post author

      ha ha.. i can understand … isolation is the best companion, but not always

      1. Beparvah !!

        i believe , it depends on the personality of the person and the circumstances he or is used to … 🙂 🙂
        least chance of being betrayed …!!!

          1. Akhila Post author

            ha ha.. chandrajit, for the first time, i am getting reply as “I will try that friend”.. i can understand what you meant…but still made me smile…

          2. Beparvah !!

            got a fracture on my right hand knuckle .. few days back.. but this conversation brought a smile 🙂
            thank you !!

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