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Reposting some wordpress Tips 

How are you catching your follower’s blogs without missing any?

Do you have enough time to read posts from 500+ or 1000+ or 10000+ followers through your reader?

During each second, posts are getting added to your reader. Then are you not missing any of your favorite reader’s posts while scanning through the reader?

If you have enough time for full coverage (to read all posts in your reader), then it’s okay. nothing to be worried..

But when the followers are increasing, reader is going to be crowded each moment. And it is too difficult to read all posts due to time constraints. How are you managing this, so that you are not missing atleast a few of your favorite reader’s posts. (I am quite sure that every author will have some favorite blogs)

Yesterday I just googled and found the usage of ‘lists’ in wordpress. May be this is known to many of you and I am too late to explore the same. But I found this feature very useful and so share this post to those who haven’t noticed it so far.

Lists doesn’t force you to stick to that alone. Occasional scanning through full reader is also required to ensure the coverage and increase the reach.

Check this link on creating reader lists. It explain about creating a lists in your wordpress reader.

Now I am creating my lists.. Majority of you will be there in my favorite list  for sure.

Still if I miss to read your posts please let me know .. Please drop a comment here… So that I can add you to my lists.

68 thoughts on “Don’t miss any favorite posts

  1. She just keeps adding to the pot of treasure. We love Akhila and we love GAMA. Please guys let me know what you think of the latest works at Gastradamus.

  2. I actually have a separate email adress that i use to subscribe to my friends. And it helps me always stay tuned to their immediate uploads.
    I think this is one way? – Cezane

  3. Thanks Akhila for this reminder. I actually saw the “reader list” idea in an e-mail from wordpress. Still trying to get around it. I should really do something about this.

  4. Wow.. Never knew this feature is available plus since am new quite months my reader list is increasing. Will try this out ^_^

  5. I am not sure about lists. But what i did was to unfollow all who just worried about f4f. Now i am only following the serious ones and the ones i like.

    1. hmm.. in a way it’s good, so that your reader won’t be crowded.. and it may make you to lose followers also..

  6. I’ve been using lists since I first started my blog. It is a great way of keeping posts organised by time zones, topics and post frequency. At one point, I had 14 unique ones. It is very difficult to miss posts this way. I hope you’ll have fun organising yours. Best wishes for Wednesday.

  7. Very kind of you to share this information. As of now I am sticking to following only those who I want to read and dedicate about 90 minutes a day to read from each one of them. I do worry that life may come in the way of this amount of time at some point …

  8. A-Any..
    K-knowledge known will be…
    H-heartly highlighted to..
    L-lovely ..
    By seeing your courtecy towards the New arrivals..
    #My heart describes u like this..
    Thank u & if anything hurts from d above words…#I’m sorry…

  9. Hey akhila ,check out my new blog posts .I totally get when we miss each others posts due to time constraints, we can definitely remind each other for same.Isn’t it???

  10. Akhila,
    I dont know how did I end up here!
    I guess I saw some comment and clicked on that link!
    But it sounds good!!
    Okay try to add me to your reading list!
    But you will have to bare with the length of my posts!!
    Thank You!

  11. അയ്യോ ! അങ്ങനെയാണെങ്കിൽ ഓരോ ദിവസം ഓരോരോ പാരഗ്രാഫുകളായിട്ട് വായിച്ചാലും മതി ! ബാങ്കിൽ നിന്ന് ലോൺ കിട്ടുന്നതുപോലെ. ഓരോരോ ഗഡു ആയിട്ട് !!

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