Often there is an ambiance of strictness given to discipline.

But if disciplinary actions are taken by oneself, it is motivational, isn’t it..?

I am talking about self-discipline. It is neither consuming our cravings nor governing our mind. It is all about inspiring oneself naturally.

I am not quite sure whether it could be cultivated by continuous practice. May be we can.

If there is an exam, some sort of discipline comes in automatically atleast while studying. If there is a guest for lunch, discipline comes in atleast on that day.

i.e. If there is a time bound activity or if there is a monitor, discipline comes in.. Seems, discipline has got some dependencies too.

Put an effort to mitigate the necessity of dependencies in order to be on the track of self-discipline always. Discipline is freedom if it is happening naturally, otherwise better not to push oneself

77 thoughts on “Self Discipline

  1. Self discipline comes in as soon as you have a goal.
    For example, like you said – when we have our exams, some sort of discipline comes in automatically. So we have a goal, which is to pass the exam.

    Lovely post 🙂

      1. Then you’ll find something else that is important and needs to be done and self discipline will come along. And then you can keep repeating this until self discipline becomes a part of who you are. 🙂

  2. I believe in self-discipline. It is the most difficult of all and tests your commitment to yourself.
    Discipline is forced can lose its purpose, true, but sometimes it is necessary to bring certain order in our lives.

    1. you are absolutely right varsha..and once we are into that art of disciplined life, it happens naturally , makes us in that equilibrium state.

  3. Good thought provoking and debatable post 🙂

    Discipline is a difficult thing especially for artists. Because they have to convince themselves that the thought has come from them internally and there is no external force. I often feel artists tend to discipline themselves in their own unique way, that works for them. They can be disciplined in one aspect and totally shabby in another. That’s what I understood from my behavior and other people whom I have seen.

  4. A little different thought. Many a time discipline come when u push yourself a bit. Example monthly saving, getting up early , eating habits etc .. Disciple comes with a tiny daily consistent effort which might require a push initially..might be a forced act as we are many a time reluctant to take a different step from their comfort zone . so again a push is required ..

    1. thanks sup.. you always comes up with a different view.
      anyway what i feel is you can not push in the whole life time.. there will be a stage when you either skip it or start enjoying it naturally..

        1. hmm..then how can one enjoy the freedom of discipline…? what i feel is like, it needs to be a part of life, not a forced habit.. then only we can enjoy it.. otherwise , there is no need to push oneself into that strictness

  5. This is very true and wise! If we work with and towards intentions and goals …the inspiration for fulfillment itself starts bringing in the discipline …more enjoyable process than beating oneself up to stay disciplined on something.

  6. ohkay.. now i got your question… that’s a wp secret.. shhhhhhhhhh….just go to your post in the admin, change the time for publishing and reschedule it.. try it out if you want

  7. Just be the real self what remain with you is essential.

    You said it correctly : natural.

    Knowing the real is ultimate natural .

    Else throughout the life you keep collecting which is wastage , unreal and perishable.

    Finding the one master solution for entire misery is wisdom.
    Patch work make life difficult, looking for panacea for every disease is the path of freedom.

    Let us be natural and real then question of discipline evaporates , else millions of theories to implement to make life worth and difficult to remember the principles to be followed.

    Just become real reomove all fake identification then you’re naturally disciplined else subconscious energy within you will keep trying to de track you.

    Every issue have thousand solutions. This just one approach to be disciplined.

  8. hmm.. one can not enjoy the freedom of discipline, if it is not just like brushing tooth..and yes,once we are tuned to that, it will happen naturally..

  9. oh.. how come i missed to reply this..??

    anyway, theories may vary from people to people.. so i am quite sure that even if your way of discipline might be different from mine, it has it’s own beauty..

  10. WordPress is as close to true self-discipline as I come. In all other realms of my life, somebody has expectations of me. That expectation is an external source of discipline (meeting the expected need, or goal, or benchmark). WordPress I do almost daily, and it is not driven by anybody else’s expectation except my own. Thank you for the thought.

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