Self Discipline

Often there is an ambiance of strictness given to discipline.

But if disciplinary actions are taken by oneself, it is motivational, isn’t it..?

I am talking about self-discipline. It is neither consuming our cravings nor governing our mind. It is all about inspiring oneself naturally.

I am not quite sure whether it could be cultivated by continuous practice. May be we can.

If there is an exam, some sort of discipline comes in automatically atleast while studying. If there is a guest for lunch, discipline comes in atleast on that day.

i.e. If there is a time bound activity or if there is a monitor, discipline comes in.. Seems, discipline has got some dependencies too.

Put an effort to mitigate the necessity of dependencies in order to be on the track of self-discipline always. Discipline is freedom if it is happening naturally, otherwise better not to push oneself

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