57 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

  1. Reminds me of a conversation I had with my virtual girlfriend earlier about the actions of others. Very different perspective makes you think about your own actions and consistently reevaluate self. I appreciate this post.

  2. Well a little different thought here. Most deals happen when both parties benefit from it. I mean only when there is a win-win situation they create.that means both are walking a mile in each other’s shoes.
    Otherwise deal wouldn’t have happened at all …

    1. you are right, a win-win could create a better deal…but it happens more in an official atmosphere..
      now just think, if you had agreed with me on this post, i wouldn’t have much to talk. now, see your views could inject something new into my readers…
      (and i know that you will be here with this reply.. shhhhhh….).

  3. hmm.. well shal, just take your comment itself.. if you had agreed to that, probably nothing more to say , other than a ‘thanks’.. now, see, you came with a different perspective..that’s it..

  4. If we continue doing argument , just for the sake of argument , then obviously no deal can be chalked out at all. Well we require good deal among us. So argue hard for the benefit not for the sake.

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