She knew that she was just one among his crushes. Still she couldn’t resist talking to him. She was very well aware of his flaws. Still she was bound to him…

Yes, there are certain people in our life, influencing us a lot, need not be in a good way, though.

Need not be expressed, need not be revealed, still we love to hear from them..

What’s the name of this kind of relationship..? A blind addiction.., isn’t it..?

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      1. Love is actually one sided, it has to be that way, if not it may cause collide. **We give love and receive them in different frequencies, not on the same way**

  1. To willingly yearn for a person you are nobody for…that’s alright I guess. The addiction is acceptable if you don’t let it make you sad or bitter on the inside. That person might not know about you and end up doing something to hurt you unknowingly. Better to speak it out and face the consequences.

    1. ha ha…i wish your message be seen by all concerned fellows agreeing to this post..
      and in between, please have a recheck on the first statement of that post too.

  2. The thing i believe is that, we should not do things copying what the other person has done, instead we should fill it with something fresh, and i also keep on preaching to people that LOVE = Work-In-Progress, and you need not to be monotonous, imitating the way other couple do, things which works for them may not work for you. Its magical and you should never copy or reveal the core of your trade 🙂 **Oru Glass vellam 😛 **

    1. Yes. But too much infatuation is dangerous. It’s very difficult to define love these days, because love has become more dependent on things like money and Beauty. People don’t believe in inner beauty, if someone is rixh, handsome or pretty, that is all one looks for in a partner. (Not all are like this, though)

  3. Exactly. If supposedly one person cannot see your virtues it doesn’t mean no one ever will. You cannot close your heart to others waiting for that one person to magically learn of your feelings, since you don’t want to speak of them. Again, it doesn’t mean he will reciprocate too.

    1. Exactly! Waiting for that person who might never fall in love with you. People never change, and yet they cling on thinking that he or she will change. There are few who try to change the ones whom they love and finally say “you were not like this before!”
      Love does not come with conditions. Accepting someone the way they are, and not trying to change them is love. Nobody is born perfect so why try to shape up someone to live up to your expectations just because you love them?? People will never understand this…

          1. Ma’am…(idikkalle)
            Some relationships are unexplainable. I wouldn’t term the one you have brought out as ‘addiction’, and certainly not love/lust/crush/infatuation!Then what should one call it?
            well…perhaps that is the charm of such a relationship, it just cannot be defined in simple words. But it has a special charm, that rekindles the heart in an unique way.. both the parties enjoy it, albeit do not acknowledge the ‘life’ it injects into one’s life!! Of course, it has it’s own flaws too….

  4. Love is funny… We do things that we wud not otherwise..

    But I also think that many of us give way too much weightage to love..
    So what if it’s one sided.. at least you loved someone.. that is good .. that other person is unlucky to not have got the love .

    Add relationships to the mixture and it becomes a bigger mystery..

  5. True. People attach other things with love now. The mere fact of enjoying each other’s company is moot if you aren’t doing so at some place that can be flaunted to your friends and followers. Time is an important factor I think, since our busy lives give us little time or energy to invest in our relationships. Anyway, blaming the other one or cheating isn’t the solution.

  6. when we are kids.. we do the exactly opposite of what we are told. it’s just like that here. Deep inside we would know that it is not correct or it won’t work out or he is not a nice person but still we will do exactly the opposite.

  7. That’s true varsha. Ther are people who are in worst situations than we can ever imagine. Keeping our emotions tight when they sit in front of us crying, is very difficult. And not just that, being a counsellor, suppose one of your patients gives up hope on life and does the unexpected (ending their life), we do get a thought that ‘may be I could have done better. I should have put in more effort to convince them that they are not alone’.
    Those medicines that are prescribed work only as long as patients take it regularly. Stopping it abruptly will result in a more severe case than before. Too many things to think about before planning to be a counsellor or physiatrist. It’s not a cake walk to say I can help people. When depressed, one never knows what thoughts the mind gets.

    1. It is a very serious and responsible job. You’re right, we can try our best but still if the worst happens we cannot easily forgive us for what happened. Medicines are temporary and can help only for a limited time frame. Unless and until the person is prepared to consciously work on himself no one can help him. Not even the counsellor. Hats off to you for even attempting it. I can never do that. I’m amongst the weak ones who doesn’t watch tv or read the newspaper for days following some tragedy somewhere.

      1. These medicines only improve the chemical reactions in our brain. There is a compound in our that helps in thought process, these medicines help in regaining the lost compound. (I am a lay man so I don’t know the scientific terms, hence I am mentioning it as compound)
        But being strong, having that will power and saying that this is just a phase, it will pass helps. Atleast in small cases, not in severe cases where medicines are mandatory.
        Even physiatrists are human isn’t it. No matter how strong anybody is, there comes a situation when they do get tears in their eyes or atleast they feel bad for the other person. Some things are unavoidable, easy to say but going through that phase is difficult.

  8. Someone truly said the most addictive dtug for a human is another human .We do know sometimes the flaws of the person and even the fact that may be they are not that into us but what we don’t know is how to dettach ourselves from them.

  9. Can’t stop myself to comment here. I have been a part of this once long back. BLIND-ADDICTION. It could ruin someone completely when not in control. It’s one of the worst things.

  10. “What’s the name of this kind of relationship..? A blind addiction.., isn’t it..?” A wonderful way you have ended your beautiful poem, Akhila. When love comes you are blinded to everything and every one. It is like a blind addiction and you are crazily blinded. Superb.

  11. A flawless human is a myth. But accepting the flaws takes more maturity. Loving beyond flaws is OK .. But mistake repeated is no longer a mistake . it a decision .
    May be yes it might a blind infatuation.. I don’t know how to name it ..

  12. i hope its soul mate relationship..i believe in soul.rebirth as we wear new shirt..soul just goes to new body when this body cease to function..

    so somehow they might have been ur better half long ago..if u read my soul mate research papers…in the blog…u will understand..i have published 3 reports final one is pending….it gives me a shocking result of a mathamatical calculation..of 35 soul mates….you must read that post..will be posted in 2 weeks…

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