Beauty standards… People spend a lot of time, effort and patience to keep up with the standards, the so called “standards” imposed by the different means including media. And more often end up with desperate results.

Do we girls, need to be slim, fair and tall to meet the definition of “beauty”? (And similarly with a different set of definition for boys too)

Why are we going behind these unrealistic expectations as asked by Rashmi, Do You Wish For A Perfect Body?

I am not totally against makeovers. But it becomes dangerously obsessive when we can’t even believe in our own body. Just love our body as it is.

76 thoughts on “Love your body

  1. Good morning Akhila, It’s really a good thought… 🙂 Even I am not against makeover but it shouldn’t be without understanding or believing the beauty of yourself.

          1. to protest for police lathicharge against congress workers..something in connected with withdrawal of increased fee from medical self financing colleges..

        1. we are driven by some other forces, may be the outside world including media..they decide what we should do to fit in the world, to fit into the beauty standards, so on

    1. well said Radhi..seems we are ignoring the fact that there are many factors deciding our beauty, like, our personality, talk, inner self etc.. and blindly we are trying to improve this physical appearance alone

  2. How else would people be able to sell their fancy gym equipment…ill-advised slimming and/or weight-gaining pills…fairness creams etc?
    All this bothered me once. Now it doesn’t. I am what I am. Health is necessary and should be looked after well. The rest is nonsense.

    1. fairness creams – go to hell
      there are many kinds steroids being sold in gym, medical shops and all. Who is bothered on the end was there in yesterdays news too

  3. absolutely right.. we are living under a false image which makes us to strive for better physical appearance. It is okay to focus on better appearance, if it enhances your self confidence. But the point is the unnecessary expense, usage of evil products etc causing serious illness. So once we have control over that things might turn better.

  4. wow…what a fabulous write up…i too agree with you being fat or slim,fair or dark,tall or short does not matter , ultimate beauty is the reflection of your soul and thoughts.

  5. “Just love our body as it is.” This last sentence of yours says everything in a nutshell Akhila. Love your body as it is. It is where our Divine dwells. A good write up and so true today we have been bombarded with various beauty items and that is making all of us mad and one is crazy with his or her own body.

  6. I was in a woman’s group years ago with women from ages 18 to 80. Not one except me probably had a good self image. What does this say?? In America anyway?? Ugh.

  7. A good one! Every woman should know she doesn’t have to meet the standards set by the media or society to believe she’s beautiful..!

  8. When I was younger, I put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way…I wore make-up daily…I just thought I had to look perfect all the time…constantly fixing my hair, my make-up, adjusting my clothes….its stressful being a woman in today’s pop culture. There is so much pressure on us to look a certain way. It takes a strong woman to challenge pop culture and love herself for the way she was made….beautiful! This is a great post!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!
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  9. This is true and sad that we feel we have to conform to societies norms. I don’t think this is just an issue girls face, although we get much more media attention on the fact that girls can be more influenced by the media. It’s important that you stay healthy as opposed to look a certain way.

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    Happy blogging x

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