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  1. myheartbeats4ublog

    “I am an impatient being.. but I do not mind waiting time if I am forced to do nothing physically .

    Then I free my mind and it does work and comes back with a new thought..

    Inactivity ends and new adventure begins..

    –manly notions

          1. TalkaholicMe

            Noah.. you think they’ll let me go without their approval.. They said yes And that is the most exciting part

          2. TalkaholicMe

            Social service.. going to organize a camp for poor ladies in which we r gonna digitize them and make them healthy

          3. TalkaholicMe

            I am working with a Website which has its own Foundation.. so we organize health camps, digitalization camps and etc etc for Women’s. That’s it..

  2. Gastradamus

    Heh exercise is a great way to send endorphins to your mind. My advice would be to shape it up. We’d love to see you back at the Gastradamus community. You have been missed. Please come by, we have come a long way

  3. vishal4u

    I think, I am the most impatient and I hate to wait for someone. Sometimes I think my punctuality

      1. vishal4u

        People whom I know and who live around me are not so punctual, they give you a time and then appear late, whereas on the other hand , I am present there at right time.

  4. We come from dreams ~

    Our experience is that our minds look for “waiting” to unleash an outburst of creativity. As if to say, “Well, if I have to wait, I’m going to make something really cool!” – and then it does! 😀

  5. Akhila Post author

    well.. seems my ‘advance’ and ‘behind’ interchanged themselves.. not my fault, you see..;)

  6. Bikramjit

    True true.. but if only I could do that mam..
    My mind has a twister going around inside all the time.. can’t rest. .


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