Female Behaviour-8

By | October 19, 2016

She: You know, while I was in the vegetable shop, I saw that little boy whom we met last day

He: Which boy, I don’t remember.

She: Ehh.. The poor boy, how long he talked to you in the museum, and you have forgotten him so easily…so sad it is..!

She:……( she just continues)

She: Tell me, what are you thinking?

He: Nothing (without taking his eyes off the TV)

She: No, no.. Something is there puzzling you.

He: No dear, I am perfectly okay…let me watch the show

She: You are always like this, never interested to hear me talk.

He: Please keep quite babe..

She:  Oh.. What did I do while I have more brain cells dedicated to talk to you.

85 thoughts on “Female Behaviour-8

  1. theonlysup

    Hmm how I see is men are not that great conversationalist when compared to women. Men can sit for a longer time without talking and women are note expressive and need to talk . women has ability to think and talk about various matters simultaneously and men focuses on a single aspect . when he watches TV he watches . nothing else he does . may be these little differences are the reason why women think men do not listen to them .

    1. Akhila Post author

      ya, may be….heard that a women talk around 20 K words in a day, which means so fast she can process the facts behind it (in a good way or bad way ..;) )

  2. NJ

    This is what happens in most homes where women are more talkative than men 😛

  3. myheartbeats4ublog

    “She: Oh.. What did I do while I have more brain cells dedicated to talk to you” –
    well, well! these lazy men, when women exercise their idle/spare brain cells, men (under the pretext of conserving them) laze away to glory!
    and perhaps, “her ‘more’ cells’ may be specifically for talking!!

    1. Akhila Post author

      ha ha.. ROFL…
      will be back after checking with that ‘more’ cells on what else they can do..

        1. Akhila Post author

          did you hear this story ” a man was cutting the branches of a tree . But the branch upon which he sat was about to fall down. He didnt know it. Lord Siva and Parvathy happened to see this. Parvathy requested Siva to help him. Siva told like while he is falling down, if calls “God”, Siva will help him or if he calls “Mom” Parvathy need to help him. and when he was falling down, he called “ayyo”…

  4. Bikramjit

    Hmmmm.. well get up switch off the tele.. and start to talk…

    Easy peasy.. or hey hey hey.. wait wait.. let the show finish and then continue

  5. Jackie Jain

    Haha.. Nice conversation (one sided). . 😛 lol. .
    Women just continue with their talking. .
    Good morning Akhila..

  6. boundlessblessingsblog

    Hahahaha nice one Akhila. This happens with all of us looks like. Once these guys are hooked on their TV’s or mobiles they will not talk to us and we will keep on jabbering like crazy fools. Last sentence so agree with you.

  7. Nam H Nguyen

    I admit, when I’m abosorbed into a task, I block her out.
    That’s her fault for choosing the wrong time to interrupt my activities.
    That is mainly: writing, working, and writing, and working. Every other time, it’s fine.

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    1. Akhila Post author

      Thank you so much.. I am really happy that you caught it exactly what I wanted to convey….


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