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    1. exactly….fight.. but there will be a point when we need to realize the actual game plan..whether it is of total destruction or not…

          1. Life is constantly changing, so even we wish or not, the brand new things stars and fades.. all we have to do is stay positive embrace change and keep going 🙂

          2. Agine aavam.. pakshe i had observed, the more we plan the more it goes out of proportions.. pinne things we worrying about is not going to hurt us, instead something else will comes out of now were, so we on high alert all the time to adjust with the change 🙂

          3. that’s true…time has given us such a blessing to adjust with things..gradually we forget even the bad times..
            still, planning is something different, if we had a plan only, we could have a comparison, no.. otherwise we are just continuing our journey as in that proverb..

          4. I can comment for the experiences i had so when i had plans life had devastating plans for me, still i smile back and keep fighting, remember the proverb “Falling six,Standing 7” 🙂

  1. When situation goes beyond certain tolerance level . people would certainly think of an alternative solution . but yeah u r right . no point of continuing to play hide n seek when u r not at all happy with what u r doing

  2. No,its a sign of loosers i told you earlier in one of your post that we should always be ready with Plan B because life is full of uncertainties but that doesn’t means you’ll change the game.Haar kar jeetne waale ko bhi winner hi kehte hai & that win with experience of loosing tastes much better.

    1. if you are fed up of any ‘thing’, better not to give a second chance.. ‘thing’ could be anything materialistic or mental aspects…if we are uncomfortable, why should we stick to that thing..

      1. Ah, interesting. I’m not sure in every case I would agree. There are relationships where I gave them a second chance (well friendships) and they worked out even better. 🙂

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