70 thoughts on “Female behaviour -9

  1. Josh

    Yes.. enjoy the experience.. don’t waste to take a Phd.. it will be like trying to find how it feel to be dead! 😛

        1. Akhila Post author

          ha ha…it’s not about complexity.. but i will state it as difference in level of thinking…

      1. myheartbeats4ublog

        true what you said, ma’am..but wouldn’t it be a real challenge to love her, know her & understand her fully(with all the associated risks of a likely failure), while enjoying life with her??

  2. rachanaharu

    So touchy. But may be it is difficult for him to enjoy life and love her without understanding her. Well written, thank you very much.

  3. Cattie's World

    ha ha ha ha ha. Akhila that’s what men have been warned about by their Father’s.
    Don’t waste your time Understanding “HER”.
    And Men, You Duty is just “To Love us and Live Life with us”.

      1. skd

        I don’t agree this only as female behavior! It is a generated view due to male-female social scenario today. Full understanding of any is a continuous hard task… Rather you just communicate and know better and better… Any gender for that matter, Understanding is the shortest distance between two people. So just be open keep shortening it. It is never one sided as well…..
        Last but not the least… Female is not only wife, she is sister, mom, friend and so on. From my experience, it is not so different between gender, rather it depends on the communication between two people…
        My mom and wife(she is a mom as well), i know in certain difficult situations how they respond… (those are the situation where the true nature of people comes out…)… is it not a better understanding?
        Sorry wrote so much like a post… Purely my view and no obligation for others to accept!
        Continue to love your words and views my friend….

        1. Akhila Post author

          glad that you expressed it frankly…and i am really happy as someone is there to oppose it..;)
          and i am not against what you said like, ‘she could be a mom, wife or any other’..

  4. Bikramjit


    I dont even want to try figuring it out … cause i know I have LOST and will Lose again for sureeeeeeee 🙂

  5. lifegoeson292

    I would never be so bold as to try to understand the complexities of a woman. And it would be a waste of time anyway. 🙂

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