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  1. Sha'Tara

    That reminds me of a comment by a droid to a human in a sci-fi movie: “Human bodies are defective: they leak.” Yes, we certainly leak, and not just fluids either…

        1. Fab Writings

          Thank you, I promise I won’t irritate you.
          I wanted to say that you’re not so new here so you must be having more experience of blogging than any other I can ask for advice.
          Actually, I wanted to ask: when you started blogging, you must have received so many awards. and after receiving your first award, you must be too happy (becauase I was, really) but then, as time pases, many other nominations comes, soemtimes you forget to acknowledge them. And then didn’t you feel bad anytime for not keeping up with your promises that you would do that award.
          I mean, did you feel bad anytime for not finding that much happiness and exitement for receiving any award now, than that you found in your first award.
          I hope you understand, I am going through the same.

  2. Fab Writings

    I am glad you understand me…
    It’s just like human nature that we don’t give much value to those things that are in abundance… 🙁
    But, I think I should also declare it award free blog but then I will miss out those amazing New and Interesting awards. But a decision is decision and I must make it for myself. Because the people who nominate me are so kind and one of my favourites, and it feels really bad to say that you will TRY to do it…
    oh god..

    1. Akhila Post author

      Harsh…dont be too much worried…why cant you spend that award acknowledging time for making some creative posts..even those of yours favourite bloggers will be much interested to read such stuffs… So never worry thinking on those kind hearts who nominated you…definitely they will understand and after all, if you create some posts on declaring it as an award free blog, the count of nominations in future will be gradually reduced…..so only thing is if you are still interested in those awards, you may continue, otherwise take a brave decision .. Now i feel like, you are in a 50_50 condition..so better you continue as it is now…and there will be a day, when you feel like you dont want any more awards…at that point, make it an award free blog, if you really want.

      1. Fab Writings

        Yes Di you’re correct. I can use that time in doing my other post.
        And yes, I already knew that your blog is an award free blog. I just wanted to know how you felt doing that.
        Yes, I must make that brave decision, maybe soon.
        thank you so much di for your time. I am really glaD i’VE FRIENDS LIKE YOU HERE..

  3. Martian

    true… im locked up during long travels aaaaahh indian highways are filled up with dirty restrooms where cant even enter..many times i paid money and entered when i saw that i came out ….crazy

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