A conversation

By | November 1, 2016

In the morning

Mr X: Sir, we need a copy of one of these three documents:- certificate 1, certificate 2, certificate 3

Mr Y: Okay come by evening. I will arrange it.

In the noon

Mr X: Sir, I just came to show you a sample of certificate 2. Hope you will do the needful

Mr Y: Okay.

In the evening

Mr Y: I have taken the copy of certificate 1. Hope this will suffice

Mr X: Oops, no Sir. I want the certificate 2 itself, that’s what I have shown you in the noon.

Mr X: What….???

Do you find something amiss in this communication? In fact both X and Y failed to communicate properly.

Mr X could have told that he wants a copy of certificate 2 only and explicitly mention on the non-necessity of the other two items.

Similarly Mr Y could have asked while he was back with a sample of a particular certificate alone. He could have checked it then and there itself and ensured the actual requirements.

0 thoughts on “A conversation

  1. theonlysup

    Its again a selective listening. He mentioned one of these 3 . and also this guy confused him by presenting all 3 docs. So both parties created confusion among themselves

    1. Akhila Post author

      health okay ayo..?
      fb l kandu sthanarthiye.. chillara kakshiyonnum alla alle..?

  2. Jackie Jain

    Yes.. There is the communication gap. ‘X’ came and requested any 1 of 3. Later he came a sample of 2nd certificate, he should have told that he wanted a copy of 2 only. And even ‘Y’ should have asked then why particularly sample of 2nd one..

    We face many such situations but in different contexts. Nice one. Have a good time, Akhila.. 🙂


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