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  1. Don’t you think that even “coincidence” is a cause, that “things” can only happen by cause, as in , cause and effect?
    By the way, I need a “favour” from you: are you following my blog at https://shatara46.wordpress.com/ ? If you are, and if you have a bit of time, could you check my latest post on a math “problem” I received in a dream that I don’t understand? It’s a numerical sequence that repeats itself no matter how high the scale it goes (at least to where I’ve followed it). You may be able to figure it out, seeing as you are a wizard at math and I suck at it. Or you may know someone who wants to play with it…? 🙂 Regarding your last mathematical brain teaser, I never thought of using fractions. That was pretty smart.

    1. glad that ma’m is no where near..
      “Things may or may not happen in coincidence. But sometimes, there need a cause for certain things to happen.”

          1. you are right, 27 is not there…my miss..
            did you check her post..the sequence is okay, but i cannot understand what kind of sequence it is..

          2. Yes..that’s it…but i am thinking how its connected to the way shatara dreamt…nothing is exempted in her series, still it holds true…

    1. you wanted to hear from or talk to someone, but there had some unknown mindblocks. So you couldnt. Then on a day, it happened. There had some reasons. reasons could be created or natural..but it happened..

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