Never rescue your kids from mistakes

By | November 10, 2016

Never rescue your kids from mistakes. If you do, they will just continue the same and never learn to improve. So in effect, parents are spoiling their kids by allowing them to commit the mistakes repeatedly. Instead have a protective eye, ensure their safety, warn them on the consequences, still if they are continuing with their mistakes,  let them do it. They will learn naturally from their consequences. And why not build up some harmless consequences, if they are not learning naturally..;)

And on the other side, if you are not enforcing those rules and disciplinary actions, kids will feel really bad, like you are not bothered on them.. So never hesitate to have disciplinary actions. So switch the mode very often.

52 thoughts on “Never rescue your kids from mistakes

  1. sudershana

    Haha, that seems I am a spoiled child, haha. Jokes apart, more often I am tied by the rules like a strict timing for the hangout, that’s okay I don’t like to hangout. After having a wardrobe full of clothes not a single place left, and realizing it I have to donate some of my new clothes to the caretaker, there is strict restriction on my shopping, which I don’t like

          1. sudershana

            They will definitely share the same perspective as you have. Then also I love this thing about them, strange but true when they don’t stop me for something I started thinking are they upset?

    1. Akhila Post author

      ya, i should have mentioned it.. definitely not infants, but could be school going kids..

  2. theonlysup

    well yes . i agree with point about making them aware of the consequences since u mentioned school going kids, they are pretty much vulnerable to wrong doing which can be a result of many external factors including friends , family.these kids are keen observers and have low acceptance level and are willing to do what you restrict them to do often. so rather screen , scolding hitting , its always important for parents to make them understand the consequences . some time i will have to agree with u akhila 😉

  3. Akhila Post author

    it’s not my words chitra.. i heard it somewhere…yes it was a hijack upon hari..;)

  4. skd

    Have you seen the new short film from Pixar? Its called Piper. Please do not miss it. Show to you hus and kids as well…in just 6 minutes, it touches our heart and reminds us some values and facts in life. So deep 🙂
    I bet, you will love it:)

  5. Shalini Sharrma

    I always appreciate when kids do learn naturally but again as u said disciplinary actions are important to condition them right ways.. Good one.. 🙂


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