44 thoughts on “Notion of the Day

    1. hmm.. good question….okay, let the ‘saint in me’ answer to your question..;)
      ” when you find your inner soul, the happiness is ever lasting”

        1. Dont ask too many ….you will know, when it’s time.. shhhhhhhhh….;)

          ‘sanit akhila’ changing the mode to ‘devil Akhila’………

  1. Nice post but it is contradictory too, like if you are giving someone a momentary happiness and then it is followed by never ending pain then it is not right, and also morally how right it is to do some wrong thing just for a momentary happiness of self or someone else.

    1. i liked the way you introduced contradiction to this momentary happiness.. it’s true and painful when the momentary happiness leads to never ending disasters…
      there is a little story behind this post.. will publish it soon.. and definitely it didnt lead to any disasters..instead it made me smile..

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