61 thoughts on “Female behaviour -10

  1. Gastradamus

    Its important to love. It makes people happy and its unconditional. We love this lady, am I right. She an excellent blogger. We have a few short stories and wed really your feedback and comments on them. Please check out Ms Scarlet, The empty voter and Wendy’s Window Conspiracy… My blog at Gastradamus is gaining ground, but we need loyal followers like yourself to keep it fresh. Gastradamus is getting a lot of buzz, we are getting over 25 searches a day from google along, so please, we are begging you to come back to the Gastradamus community, because you are truly missed

          1. Josh

            Ah ha Spamil olichirikuvanalle kalli 😛 elalreyum release cheythu 😀

          2. Akhila Post author

            ithoru vallatha spam game thanne…happening a lot nowadays..why this wp is not rectifying the issue

          3. Josh

            Athe, missed lots of fellow bloggers comments, avarokke enth vichrikyo aavo, am arrogant, but not when it comes to replying to the comments. WP ee Akhila parayana kekanille! Onnu rectify cheyyu 🙂

          4. Akhila Post author

            true.. enthina jo etra ahankaram.. 5 years ayittum, ahankarathinoru kuravum illa alle…readers nu etra vishamam akunnu alochikkunnathe illa…( rama-ravana, keeri-pambu kadipidi….) …;)
            ithrem mathiyo..;)

          5. Josh

            Tom and Jerry 😀 Ahangarikkan tax onnu kodkandallo 😛 matra lle, ellam thangalude aduthu innu padichathannu Guro 😀

          6. Josh

            Ghe, itra pettannu ayudham vecho, oru nalla fight aayirunnu usheshiche 😀

    1. Akhila Post author

      Ah.. in the annual appraisal, there will be more than enough appreciations and acknowledgements and many open promises..;)

  2. davekingsbury

    And sometimes she is appreciated but doesn’t acknowledge it … perhaps because I forget to tell her! 😉 Only playing, please forgive me, your thought was a very good one and so true!

  3. zeenathunnisa

    You are fairly correct… Children have that capability to make their surrounding happy… Occasionally, their frivolous doings utter some meaningful lessons too!!!

    1. Akhila Post author

      exactly.. there is always lesson in their silly talks…they wont be knowing that.. but if we keep an eye towards that, can easily grab it..

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