A smile of momentary happiness

By | November 17, 2016

Little Girl                              : Aunty, You look very beautiful

Mom                                      : Oh! Sweeti, thank you so much. You are also very cute.

Son (standing nearby)       : (Laughing silently)


Mom                                     : Hey you fool, why were you laughing then..?

Son                                        : Ah, she was telling the same thing to every mom she met today

Mom                                     : Pling !


Momentary happiness won’t be lasting. Even then,it is so nice if you can make a smile on others face for a moment. 

63 thoughts on “A smile of momentary happiness

  1. vishal4u

    So this was the story behind the momentary happiness. Loved it, your story surely gave us immense happiness.

  2. aishahnaaz

    The pling part 😀 😀 😀 But the quote is giving me a strange kind of fear, cuz I’m feeling happiest ever these days !! 🙂

        1. Akhila Post author

          hmm.. enikku thonni…with someone else i was discussing on having a dimensional smile in a different context.. so here also, better to have a dimensional smile…alannukuricha chiri..;)

  3. Shalini Sharrma

    Hahah.. Akhila.. trust me that girl has learned the basic to #GirlLove a kind of movement to appreciate the other girl or lady and take it positively only, men will never understand the love we girls do share 🙂

        1. prashantt

          Yeah! As the time flows,we will have to be on same page.Joined a new company so will take some time to continue like earlier.Have a great day ahead 🙂

  4. Akhila Post author

    hey harsh..you are such a sweet guy, creative writer in so young age, very brilliant and smart..
    (are you smiling now..;)

  5. Ashik T M

    If you succeed in spreading the smile on others face,that’s the biggest achievement no matter how much it last. Yeah she got some talent☺


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