A smile of momentary happiness

Little Girl                              : Aunty, You look very beautiful

Mom                                      : Oh! Sweeti, thank you so much. You are also very cute.

Son (standing nearby)       : (Laughing silently)


Mom                                     : Hey you fool, why were you laughing then..?

Son                                        : Ah, she was telling the same thing to every mom she met today

Mom                                     : Pling !


Momentary happiness won’t be lasting. Even then,it is so nice if you can make a smile on others face for a moment. 

63 thoughts on “A smile of momentary happiness

        1. hmm.. enikku thonni…with someone else i was discussing on having a dimensional smile in a different context.. so here also, better to have a dimensional smile…alannukuricha chiri..;)

  1. Hahah.. Akhila.. trust me that girl has learned the basic to #GirlLove a kind of movement to appreciate the other girl or lady and take it positively only, men will never understand the love we girls do share 🙂

        1. Yeah! As the time flows,we will have to be on same page.Joined a new company so will take some time to continue like earlier.Have a great day ahead 🙂

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