Female behaviour-11

By | November 23, 2016

She        : Why did you go there now?

He          : You know, my friend called me in the morning. He told that one of our old class mates wanted to meet all of us. So the………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

She can easily smell the mystery (if there is one) in his mind  when he starts to mimic the rehearsed story at the very first moment on hearing her ‘what’s up’. So the story will end up either with a loud laugh or a big fight…Just wait and see 😉

61 thoughts on “Female behaviour-11

  1. theonlysup

    Why should she think there is always a mystery in meeting old friends .. But yeah if that’s a lie he’s gonna tell that’s another story ..

  2. vishal4u

    Hope it ends in a good laugh, why is it that the guy is always caught lying, girls don’t lie or what?

      1. boundlessblessingsblog

        Good morning to you too Akhila, you write so beautifully. Can I ask you one thing if I do not sound rude, but you always used to give me such good feedbacks and it was simply a pleasure to read your comments but lately you just press the like button so was just wondering, that what happened. I hope all good with you Akhila. Have a nice day friend.

        1. Akhila Post author

          dont think me rude, if you see me laughing reading this comment.. 😉
          so my friend, please have a look in your spam..

          1. boundlessblessingsblog

            Thanks Akhila but I am getting so many comments and am wondering that how come I am not getting your beautiful feedback, k let me check in my spam. Thanks so much cause from a few days I was thinking what happened.

          2. boundlessblessingsblog

            Thanks once again, will check it out and I was feeling really bad to ask you Akhila cause it is very rude to ask bloggers why are you not commenting but it was good that I came to know about it. Thanks once again friend.

          3. boundlessblessingsblog

            Yes thanks so much, was feeling like this from a long time and did not have the courage to ask you but said to myself it is k. I am not very savvy so will call one of my office colleagues who is familiar and find out. Thanks once again Akhila.

          4. Akhila Post author

            okay.. nowadays many of the comments are caught by spam filters. so it wont appear naturally in your blog. you need to got to your admin and unspam it and approve it..

          5. boundlessblessingsblog

            Ya k but then wordpress is our admin isn’t it since we are all in wordpress, so I have to notify them is it that some of my comments are going in spam folder.

          6. Akhila Post author

            you need to check it frequently..once you unspam a comment from a blogger, his/her future comments wouldnt normally go into spam ..but still it is happenign with WP nowadays.. and anyway you need to check it as there could be others comments too

          7. boundlessblessingsblog

            Sorry to disturb you but I went on the left side as you said but in comment there is nothing and I cant do anything when I am trying to open they are telling me to write something in comment cause it is empty and then the submit button is there so can you just help me.

  3. Cattie's World

    I agree with Sheya. Such a type of “story telling” can easily catch the Liar. And when did a Girl ever keep quiet to her guy cheating ? Women have a perfect 6th sense. But guys should really stop lies. Talk frankly and then walk away.

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