Prejudice Barriers, ആരാ വിധിച്ചത്?

“It is like that”

“Do it as such”

Many a times we hear these kinda words. And we let ourselves to be ruled by those prejudiced notions.

We are not born to be stereotyped, but somehow got tuned in that way.

And very rarely a counter question is asked “why is it like that?”

Okay, leave it if you are trying to make prejudice wall sturdier. Be a stereotyped and use the ink of prejudiced notions to build your world, after all it’s a great time saver, no…;) you don’t have to over think.. just need to respond based on the preconceived notions. And live peacefully the rest of your life in that stereotyped world. (Ah!)


“അത്താഴത്തിനു അത്രയൊക്കെയേ വിധിച്ചിട്ടുള്ളു”, കലിനാരായണന്‍ നായര്‍ പറഞ്ഞു.
“ആരാ വിധിച്ചത്?”, അമ്മമ്മ ചോദിച്ചു.
അമ്മമ്മയുടെ ചോദ്യത്തിനു മറുപടി പറയാന്‍ അയാള്‍ മിനക്കെട്ടില്ല.

——  നീര്‍മാതളം പൂത്തകാലം

“ഒന്നിനും സ്ഥായിയായ വിധിയില്ലെന്നു തെളിയിക്കുന്ന ചോദ്യമാണതു”. മാധവിക്കുട്ടി എന്ന വലിയ എഴുത്തുകാരി അമ്മമ്മയുടെ അരുമയായതും ഈ സ്വഭാവം കൊണ്ടു തന്നെയാവും.

0 thoughts on “Prejudice Barriers, ആരാ വിധിച്ചത്?

  1. cheers to the right to question! liked the madhavikutty excerpt!
    “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why…. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” – Robert Kennedy

  2. You have A strong message with this post. Would love to hear your thoughts on Queen Kong and I. I think you would find it to be a rewarding read. Please share your thoughts

  3. Yes, same all over. Here they say, “That’s the way it is.” and “That’s the way it’s done” and after that wonderful wisdom you’re supposed to accept and keep your mouth shut. I’m 70 years “young” now and because my mind is not tuned to the normal I’m still being challenged and mocked for the things I say, and how I see the world. To my society, I’m a kind of “fool on the hill” I guess. But what’s so great about repeating the same mistakes, as a society, generation after generation? Why can’t we try something really new and revolutionary? Two things I keep saying should be done that would change the world overnight: One, let’s just decide to act strictly compassionately. Two, let’s all go naked! Imagine that… 🙂

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